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Society of Graduate Students and Postdocs

Mission Statement

The Society of Graduate Students and Postdocs (SGSPD) at TRIUMF is committed to fostering a sense of community among the graduate students and postdocs and developing an infrastructure to support their needs. The SGSPD focuses on providing professional and academic development opportunities, as well as developing an active forum for networking. In this way, the graduate students and postdocs at TRIUMF acquire both a feeling of fellowship and skills that will prove useful for their future career choices.

Upcoming Events


June 12, 2015Pre-CAP SymposiumWe will be hosting a symposium allowing TRIUMF participants in the CAP annual conference to practice their talks and receive feedback from faculty members with experience as CAP judges. This will be especially useful for all students who will be competing for the best talk at CAP!
May, 2015Resume/CV Writing WorkshopMike More will lead a hands-on workshop on resume/CV writing.

Past Events


April 22, 2015Pursuing a faculty position workshopMike Gold, head of the department of Microbiology and Immunology at UBC, gave a talk about the process of pursuing a faculty position at a University, based on his considerable experience hiring faculty members. Slides
March 25, 2015Special Seminar: Data Science and Machine LearningTravis Martin gave a general introduction to the field of data science and machine learning, focusing on the relation between physics research and data science work. Slides
February 27, 2015Accelerator & Nuclear Dual TalkAndrea Teigelhoefer and Aaron Gallant each gave a brief talk on their work at TRIUMF, focusing on the process of beam generation (Pure radioactive ion beam production) through to beam use ( TITAN + IG-LIS: Testing the Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation A = 20, 21).
February 24, 2015TRIUMF Trivia NightOur winter social event was a special Trivia Night designed with a TRIUMF theme, held at the local Biercraft.
February 11, 2015TRIUMF Special Tour of Radiation Hot ZonesA special tour was organized of the areas of TRIUMF normally not accessible during beam time, including an indepth and personal view of the worlds largest cyclotron!
January 30, 2015Presentation on Patenting and CommercializationGina Lupino of AAPS talked about commercialization of products and the issues involved in intellectual property.
December 19, 2014IsoSIM Program Presentation & December Social

Reiner Kruecken discussed the IsoSIM Program and opportunities that can arise from it.

November 28, 2014Transitioning from Academia to IndustryA three person panel discussion with former academic high energy and nuclear physicists on the process and issues involved in transitioning to a job outside of academia.
October 24, 2014Behind the Scenes at TRIUMFA special tour designed to give a more in-depth look at the activities and experiments at TRIUMF.
September 26, 2014Project Management WorkshopHalf day workshop for SGSPD members on project management skills.
September 2014 Nuclear Shell Model LecturesA special lecture series from the expert on the nuclear shell model, Alfredo Poves. Links to the lectures are below.
Lecture 1 , Lecture 2 , Lecture 3 , Lecture 4 , Lecture 5 , Lecture 6 , Lecture 7
August 22, 2014 Experiment/Theory Collaborative Talk An experimentalist and a theorist presented the two sides of Supersymmetry in a collaborative dialogue, aimed at a general audience.
June 13, 2014TRIUMF Mini SymposiumA symposium of talks given by TRIUMF members that will be attending the CAP conference.
May 2, 2014Networking Skills PanelInvited networking experts answered questions and addressed difficult topics related to networking skills.
April 11, 2014SGSPD 3 Minute Talk JamboreeA contest for SGSPD members, where well-rehearsed 3 minute talks on their work were judged based on presentation, communication and effectiveness. A prize was awarded to the winner.
March 7, 2014Presentation Skills WorkshopA specialist from UBC gave a 1h workshop on how to plan, formulate and structure an effective presentation.

Contact Info

The coordinating group of the Society of Graduate Students and Postdocs can be reached at: sgspdcommittee (at) trmail (dot) triumf (dot) ca