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Check Out TRIUMF’s Science Programs on Video!

08 August 2008

If you like action, computer animation, and clever dialogue, a local cinema’s box-office has films to satisfy. Add “reality” to that list, and TRIUMF’s new videos fit the bill! Get a taste for what’s happening in the world around you: check out TRIUMF’s videos on the web.

These four science mini-films are focused on the broad world of TRIUMF research and showcase how TRIUMF pushes the boundaries of discovery, tests the limits of our universe, and develops innovative technologies. By asking such questions, TRIUMF scientists probe the building blocks of the universe, learn how medical isotopes can detect cancer, explore the inside of exploding stars, and manipulate exotic particles. To get a sneak peak of the films, CLICK HERE.

These films could not have been created without the dedicated work and direction of TRIUMF staff, led by Mindy Hapke. Her extraordinary effort for the production of these exciting and educational films is invaluable. Many TRIUMF scientists were involved in the narration and scientific content of the films.

These four films about TRIUMF make up the growing collection of multimedia TRIUMF has to offer. Earlier this summer, TRIUMF debuted the "Physics In Action” DVD series. This novel series is aimed at high-school students and are designed as educational supplements for the classroom or for the curious public.

TRIUMF is dedicated to communicating its scientific work to the Canadian public. These TRIUMF-made multimedia products describe TRIUMF's unique work in particle physics, nuclear astrophysics, molecular and materials science, and life sciences.

By Nicole Dublanko
TRIUMF's Communications Assistant