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Josef Hormes, Director of CLS meets the TRIUMF Community

09 March 2009

Josef Hormes, Director of Canadian Light Source, Inc. (CLS), visited TRIUMF on March 4, 2009, to learn more about TRIUMF's programs and discuss areas for closer collaboration between the two laboratories. In addition to meetings with key researchers at TRIUMF, he presented a public seminar that introduced CLS and provided a status report on some of the work done at the facility based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In front of a full auditorium, Hormes gave an overview of synchrotron radiation (SR) recognizing it as an invaluable scientific tool for research. He explained that SR is the most intense source of light in the VUV and x-ray spectral regions. Using a series of historical photographs, Hormes illustrated the origins of CLS, commencing with the first accelerator research program in the University of Saskatchewan in 1948 up to the first synchrotron light generated and detected at CLS in December of 2003.

Hormes' visit served as an opportunity to identify future partnerships between TRIUMF and CLS. Nigel Lockyer, Director of TRIUMF, envisions a collaboration in which "accelerator experts will work together on Superconducting Radio frequency (RF) technology as it pertains in making faster and brighter x-ray beams for investigating new materials and bio-molecules." Currently, Mark de Jong, Deputy Director and Director of Operations at CLS is the Chair of TRIUMF's Accelerator Advisory Committee. This panel of experts includes representatives from international organizations such as CERN, FERMI National Accelerator Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institute, Cornell University, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and RIKEN. As part of preparing for TRIUMF's next five-year plan, the committee was formed to review and analyze several proposed initiatives.

TRIUMF recognizes the importance of working closely with other premier laboratories in Canada and looks forward to working together with CLS on the future of accelerator science and technology.


Josef Hormes, Director of CLS and Nigel Lockyer, Director of TRIUMF

Josef Hormes, Director of Canadian Light Source, Inc. and Nigel Lockyer, Director of TRIUMF



By: Maria Jose Crousillat

Communications Assistant