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Open House attracted 1,200 Happy Visitors

01 October 2013

Gusting winds of nearly 80km/h and torrential rain weren't enough to stop nearly 1,200 people from attending TRIUMF's 2013 Open House in celebration of 100 years since the discovery of isotopes. Guests were greeted by a team of 130 volunteers comprised of laboratory researchers, post-doctoral fellows, technicians, students, and administrative staff to be shown demonstrations and explanations of the lab on the blustery day.

Demonstrations around the site included a "levitating train" to demonstrate superconductivity, a "gauss rifle" to explain linear acceleration using magnetism, and a plasma display to explain the most abundant, yet rarely experienced form of matter in the universe. Experts around the TRIUMF site answered questions about nuclear medicine, Canada's involvement with CERN's ATLAS experiment, and the operation of the world's largest cyclotron, among others. At the end of the day it was clear that despite the rain, all volunteers and guests had an enjoyable experience sharing the laboratory.

The TRIUMF Open House organizing committee would like to thank the staff, volunteers and members of the public for their enthusiasm in making the 2013 Open House a raving success!


Story image Copyright: TRIUMF / Nicole Marie Bienvenu

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Photos Copyright: TRIUMF / Nicole Marie Bienvenu

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-Ariane Madden

TRIUMF Communications Assistant