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Loss of a Truly Honourable Member of the Legislature

21 January 2009

It is with sadness that I learned this morning of the passing of Stan Hagen.

Stan Hagen was a great friend of TRIUMF and of science in British Columbia. He had a vision of the importance of what is now called a "knowledge economy" long before it was popular. He was an individual who wanted the best for British Columbia, and he had a major impact on the founding of several of its great institutions, including Science World and the University of Northern British Columbia, not to mention his role in the great success of TRIUMF. Stan is well known at TRIUMF for his untiring devotion to TRIUMF as an international laboratory for particle and nuclear physics in British Columbia, and for helping to establish the medical-isotope production facilities at TRIUMF in collaboration with MDS Nordion. Much of our success can be attributed to his unwavering support and guidance over the years.

On a personal note, Stan Hagen was the first member of the BC legislature to whom Erich Vogt introduced me when I became Director of TRIUMF about a year and half ago. I recall that we had dinner together at his favourite restaurant in West Point Grey. The first thing Stan did was give me his cell phone number, saying, "If you need help, just give me call." That is the image of Stan I have: always ready and willing to help, with a strong sense of public responsibility and integrity. Stan was proud (but also modest) of the fact that he served as Minister of more Ministries than any other public servant in Canada: a total of ten! I remember him listing them, which took some jogging of his memory, but he named them all. What an amazing man with an inspiring record of public service!

The TRIUMF community's thoughts and prayers go out to the Hagen family. He will be sorely missed but always remembered.

Banner Photo: Mayor of Vancouver Gordon Campbell (left) speaking with Stan Hagen (right) about TRIUMF.

Embedded Photo: Stan Hagen meeting the Prime Minister of Japan at TRIUMF.

By Nigel S. Lockyer
TRIUMF's Director