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A message from the TRIUMF Board of Management: Finalization of Incorporation

01 June 2021

Dear TRIUMF Community,

I am pleased to announce that, effective today, TRIUMF has successfully completed its transition from a joint venture to a non-profit incorporation with charitable status. This tremendous achievement relied on hard work and dedication from many of you, and I would like to say, on behalf of our member universities, how grateful we are for your help in making this change a reality.

Though we have shared details about the benefits and intricacies of TRIUMF’s incorporated structure in previous communications, I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight again the new opportunities this brings for the lab, the community, and the future of TRIUMF.

Today, TRIUMF embarks on a new journey operating as an incorporated entity. With incorporation, we have transitioned the Board of Management into a streamlined, skill-based Board of Governors that will enable more proactive decision-making, greater accountability, and a renewed focus on the science and stewardship of TRIUMF. This modern governance format supports TRIUMF’s long-standing status as a world leader in cutting-edge research – and positions the lab to continue thriving as it pursues this work for decades to come. Additionally, incorporation brings a more modern paradigm for TRIUMF’s relationship with our member universities. We boast a more accountable structure, with new avenues for engagement and synchronicity.

For more than five decades, TRIUMF has served as Canada’s particle accelerator centre – a national and international leader in accelerator-based science. TRIUMF’s community has pushed the boundaries of our understanding of the universe, and pioneered ideas and technologies that improve lives and help build a better world.

With today’s milestone, TRIUMF is poised to take hold of a new, bright future filled with opportunity, and to continue its critical work for decades to come.

Thank you again to all who have assisted with bringing these changes to fruition.


Digvir S. Jayas, O.C., Ph.D., D.Sc., P.Eng., P.Ag., FRSC
Chair, TRIUMF Board of Management and
Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor
University of Manitoba

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is happening?

TRIUMF has changed its legal structure and governance model. TRIUMF has moved from a joint venture to an incorporated non-profit charity.

Why is TRIUMF doing this now?

These changes are critical to best position the organization for long-term success into the future.

Incorporation will allow TRIUMF to operate more efficiently and effectively by streamlining the Board decision-making process, as well as introducing skill-based positions that can provide expertise to TRIUMF management. These changes will ensure a better balance of both science and stewardship of TRIUMF. The revised structure streamlines operations and enacts best practices with respect to legal liabilities, following the same structure used by Canadian universities.

When will the change take place?

Incorporation is effective as of June 1, 2021.

Who is making this change?

The decision to incorporate was made by TRIUMF’s Board of Management (now the Board of Governors), which is composed of representatives from our Member universities.

What will the new governance structure look like?

TRIUMF’s new governance model will result in more proactive decision-making, greater accountability, and a renewed focus on both the science and the stewardship of the laboratory. The new governance model is as follows:

    • Members’ Council: A representative council composed of the TRIUMF’s Member Universities who have the responsibility to vote on significant decisions and also receive reports on TRIUMF progress. Each Member University selects one representative to sit on the Members’ Council.
    • Science Council: An advisory body for the scientific direction of the lab composed of representatives from each Member University, TRIUMF staff, and selected individuals appointed by the Members’ Council.
    • Board of Governors: A skill-based board composed of 11 members (referred to as Governors) selected from university representatives and external partners based on skills and experience needed to oversee TRIUMF’s strategic priorities. The Board of Governors are appointed by the Members’ Council, and includes the Chair of the Science Council. 

A full list of the Science and Members' Council and Board of Governors Member University Appointments is available here

How will incorporation impact my employment?

Your employment with TRIUMF Inc. will then continue like before based on the same terms and conditions that you currently have with the Joint Venture. Importantly, TRIUMF Inc. will recognize your past service with the Joint Venture for all purposes and there will be no interruption to your employment. This change will not affect the nature of your position, hours of work, level of remuneration, vacation entitlement, benefits, or other fundamental terms of your employment. 

If I have questions about incorporation, who should I direct them to?

We welcome the opportunity to engage our people about this important topic and ensure we answer any questions they may have. For general questions on legal and governance, please contact Jim Hanlon. For questions regarding employment, please contact Ian Doyle.