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TRIUMF Looks to Help Developing Countries at IAEA Meeting

11 July 2008


Representatives from developing countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and Poland with those from the UK, Canada, USA, and Switzerland gathered at TRIUMF from June 23-27, 2008 to exchange ideas and assess needs for the development of peaceful nuclear technology. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), represented by Dr. F. Muelhauser who organized the meeting, sought to gain an understanding of how current advanced nuclear technology in industrialized countries could be improved and exploited by developing countries for the purpose of studying new engineering materials, medical research, and a variety of other uses.

This meeting provided an opportunity for countries interested in peaceful nuclear technology development to state their needs, goals, and desires. “With a smaller group of about 10 people, there was much more discussion,” says Jean-Michel Poutissou, TRIUMF’s Associate Director. “We discussed ideas with Brazil and South Africa and they told us how we can help them progress in this area.”

TRIUMF is conducting cutting-edge research in many areas of particle and nuclear physics. This meeting was an opportunity to share current knowledge and technology with developing countries. “This was an opportunity to showcase the TRIUMF laboratory and show the participants what we do here,” comments Jean-Michel. For instance, TRIUMF’s work on muons and polarized-ions provides a good example of research that can be exported to other countries.

A report to the IAEA is currently in development. It will likely recommend the continuation of events of this nature, which would be aimed at bringing together developing countries to learn how laboratories in developed countries can assist them in advancing science and technology initiatives. The IAEA regulates nuclear processes in the world and organizes workshops with the goal of bringing together countries to discuss issues and promote peaceful nuclear development.

By Nicole Dublanko
TRIUMF's Communications Assistant