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About Us

TRIUMF is Canada’s particle accelerator centre. From the hunt for the smallest particles in the universe to the development of new technologies, including next-generation batteries and medical isotopes, TRIUMF is pushing the frontiers in research to advance science, medicine, and industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research Topics

TRIUMF’s programs in scientific research, education, and commercialization have enjoyed considerable success—and many have had substantial impact. This section describes those successes. Ultimately, these programs are based on pure research in subatomic physics and exploit the opportunities provided by TRIUMF’s core facilities and its synergy with the university research community.

Strategic Plan & Mission

TRIUMF's mission is to serve as Canada’s particle accelerator centre.  We advance isotope science and technology, both fundamental and applied.  We collaborate across communities and disciplines, from nuclear and particle physics to the life and material sciences.  We discover and innovate, inspire and educate, creating knowledge and opportunity for all.

Governance & Organization

TRIUMF is an enterprise that includes on-site technical, engineering, and administrative staff; university researchers and students; private-sector collaborators and licensees; international collaborators; and publicly funded agencies supporting basic research in Canada’s interests. TRIUMF’s organization reflects these multiple stakeholders working together in concert.


TRIUMF was founded to provide the centralized resources, tools, and expertise in pursuit of compelling science in ways that no single university could build or maintain. At its core, then, TRIUMF is a partnership among leading Canadian research universities. Through international partnerships, TRIUMF connects Canada to the global science and technology community. As a bridge between the academic sector and the private sector, TRIUMF helps drive Canada’s innovation engine with collaborative and joint projects.


TRIUMF was founded in 1968 by Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia (UBC), and the University of Victoria to meet research needs that no single university could provide. The University of Alberta joined the TRIUMF consortium almost immediately. There are currently twenty full and associate members from across Canada in the consortium that governs TRIUMF.

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Code of Conduct

In accordance with our Core Values, TRIUMF is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment that fosters the exchange of ideas, encourages open and respectful dialogue, and is free of harassment and discrimination.

TRIUMF Alumni and Retirees (TARA)

The mission of the TARA is:

  • To foster a sense of community among the former employees of TRIUMF
  • To collectively work with TRIUMF to maintain relevant and useful participation in current programs and activities; and
  • To serve as a resource for TRIUMF.

TRIUMF Users Group (TUG)

TUG is an organization whose members (Users) have a special interest in the use of TRIUMF’s infrastructure and other resources. For decades TUG has been the forum for Users to liaise with TRIUMF Management.  In addition, TUG is an entity responsive to the representations of its members for offering advice and counsel to the TRIUMF management on operating policy and facilities.