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Organizational Structure

TRIUMF is organized to optimally meet its objectives while maintaining accountability, quality, and effectiveness.

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The Accelerator Division has operational, maintenance and required upgrade responsibility for all of the 500 MeV Cyclotron, ISAC, and TR-13 facilities. The Division also has responsibility for the design, construction, and commissioning of future accelerators on-site, and it provides support for external accelerator projects.

  • Associate Lab Director:   Dr. O. Kester (Oliver)
  • Deputy:  Mr. R. Laxdal (Robert)
  • Administrative Assistant: Ms S. Bergelt-Bruckner (Silke)
  • Mission Statement


Engineering has general responsibilities for the engineering, design and fabrication of mechanical, structural and electronic components. The Division also has responsibility for electrical and mechanical services and site maintenance.


Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences is responsible for scheduling experiments approved by the Experimental Evaluation Committee (EEC). The Division is also responsible for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of components, systems and subsystems for all experimental operations at the TRIUMF site, as well as coordination of infrastructure support for external programs.

  • Associate Lab Director: Dr. J. Dilling (Jens)
  • Deputy: Dr. P. Navratil (Petr)
  • Administrative Assistant: Ms. A. McGowan (Allayne)
  • Mission Statement

Life Sciences
Life Sciences is responsible for the support of projects approved by the Life Science Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) and provides support for collaborations with the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre (PPRC), BC Cancer Agency (BCCA), MDS Nordion and other university faculties relying on radio-tracers from TRIUMF for their research. This Division is also responsible for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of components, systems and subsystems for the radioisotope production and processing facilities for tracers to be used in research projects both at TRIUMF and at other laboratories.

  • Associate Lab Director: Dr. P. Schaffer (Paul)
  • Deputy: Mr. K. Buckley (Ken)
  • Administrative Assistant:  Ms. G. Botelho (Gloria)
  • Mission Statement


Office of the Director

In addition to having the overall responsibility for the operation and development of TRIUMF and its program of science at the international level, the Director has general oversight responsibilities for the following: administration; external relations; finance; health and safety; and strategic communications.

A number of key committees also fall within the oversight of the Office of the Director:  the Experiment Evaluation Committees; the Policy and Planning Advisory Committee; and the Safety Management Committee.

  • TRIUMF Director:  Dr. Jonathan A. Bagger  

  • TRIUMF Deputy Director:  Dr. Reiner Kruecken
  • Executive Assistant:   Ms. E. Madill (Erin)
  • Chief Administrative Officer:  Mr. J. Hanlon (Jim)   
  • Chief Financial Officer: Ms. G Yao (Gina) (Acting Interim)
  • Chief Safety Officer: Dr. A.J. Trudel (Anne)
  • Head, External Relations: Mr. S. Lee (Sean)
  • Head, Project Management Office: Mr. E. Guetre (Eric)
  • Mission Statement

The Directorate includes the following administrative functions:  Board & University Governance; finance; general administration; human resources; risk managment and site security;  supply chain; and environment health& safety.   Additional oversight is given to the commercial operations of TRIUMF House (guest accommodation); Innovations and Industrial Partnerships; Proton Therapy; and  the Applied Technology Group which focuses on the production of radioactive isotopes  for use by  MDS Nordion,

Chief Administrative Officer:     Mr. J. Hanlon (Jim)

  •     Admnistrative Operations:  J. Hanlon (Jim) 
  •     Human Resources:  I. Doyle (Ian)
  •     Logistics:   T. Schenkeveld (Ted)
  •     Office Of Research Services:  A. Fong (Ann)
  •     Procurement:   KM. Chu (Kai-Mei)
  •     Training:   P. Jones (Phil)
  •     Applied Technology Group:  Y. Hosepyan (Acting Interim)
  •     PIF & NIF:   M. Trinczek (Mike)
  •     Proton Therapy:  E. Blackmore (Ewart) or C. Hoehr (Cornelia)
  •     TRIUMF House:  J. Hanlon (Jim)


TRIUMF Innovations  is the interface bridging TRIUMF with the business world.  TRIUMF Innovations link cutting-edge science and technology to tangible business opportunities.

  • President and CEO:  Ms. K. Hayashi (Kathryn)   

Please contact TRIUMF Innovations for more information:  604-222-7708