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Policy and Planning Advisory Committee Meeting


The TRIUMF Board of Management approved the creation of the Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) at its meeting on 23 November 2007. PPAC is a replacement and upgrade of the older OPCOM committee. PPAC advises the Director on scientific policy and facilitates two-way communications with the research communities at the member universities. PPAC will play an important role in the development of the TRIUMF Five-Year Plan (5YP).

Materials from the December 2008 PPAC meeting are now available; please see below.


Committee members are appointed for a two-year term. The present membership term begins February 1, 2008, and will end on January 31, 2010.

  • Colin Gay, Univ of British Columbia, Chair
  • Mauricio Barbi, Univ of Regina
  • Sampa Bhadra, York Univ
  • Mark Boulay, Queens Univ
  • Stephen Godfrey, Carleton Univ
  • Aksel Hallin, Univ of Alberta
  • Michael Hayden, Simon Fraser Univ
  • Ritu Kanungo, Saint Mary's Univ
  • Rob Kiefl, Univ of British Columbia
  • Graeme Luke, McMaster Univ
  • Shelley Page, Univ of Manitoba
  • Maxim Pospelov, Univ of Victoria
  • Michael Roney, Univ of Victoria
  • Pierre Savard, Univ of Toronto
  • Vesna Sossi, Univ of British Columbia
  • Carl Svensson, Univ of Guelph
  • Brigitte Vachon, McGill Univ
  • Michael Vetterli, Simon Fraser Univ
  • Viktor Zacek, Univ de Montreal


  • The first in-person meeting has been scheduled for March 14-15, 2008, at TRIUMF in Vancouver. There will be some public sessions. PPAC read out its findings in a public session at the end of the meeting.
  • The second meeting of PPAC was held December 10-11, 2008, at TRIUMF. Public information-gathering sessions were held in conjunction with the TRIUMF Users Group Annual General Meeting. PPAC's report was presented at the end of the meeting on December 11 at 10:30am.


The TRIUMF Director has assigned PPAC its first task. Committee chair Colin Gay has accepted this charge and is formulating a work plan. As part of the vetting process for preparing the TRIUMF five-year funding request to the National Research Council, PPAC is being asked to review the projects and programs for their suitability to be included in the TRIUMF plan. To facilitiate PPAC's work, the TRIUMF Five-Year-Plan Steering Committee (5YPSC) is preparing a package of ~1-page descriptions for each proposed future activity (please see the 5YP Overview page for more information.)