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ALPHA shines light on antimatter question


ARTMS™ Products Inc. licenses Canadian technology to address the global medical isotope supply challenge 


Media Backgrounder – ARTMS™ Products Inc.


TRIUMF Welcomes New Associate Laboratory Director to lead its Accelerator Division


Canada and Japan Usher in a New Era of Partnership in Physics Research


The 2016 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal For Contributions To Subatomic Physics Awarded To Dr. Akira Konaka

2016-02-09Celebrating Canada's TRIUMF-ant Tradition of Accelerating Discovery
2016-02-05MEDIA ADVISORY: Milestone Anniversary at World’s Largest Cyclotron
2016-01-20Neutral Result Charges Up Antimatter Research
2015-12-14Vancouver Photographer Wins Global Physics Photowalk Competition by Capturing Childhood Memories
2015-12-07Canada and Japan Strengthen Partnership to Advance Physics Research
2015-12-02Accelerating Medicine with Physics - Live Webcast
2015-11-09Laboratories reveal what’s behind their scenes: Global Physics Photowalk Competition is on!
2015-11-09TRIUMF shares the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
2015-11-03Calcium Built From Scratch, Much Smaller Than Expected
2015-10-06Neutrino Weight Watchers Awarded Physics Nobel Prize
2015-09-30New Faces, Changes To TRIUMF’S Leadership Team
2015-09-07Global Physics Photowalk 2015
2015-08-3120th Anniversary of Proton Therapy at TRIUMF
2015-06-17Unveiling the Universe with SNOLAB's Chris Jillings
2015-04-01Students and Scientists Collide at Particle Physics Masterclasses
2015-03-10Pierre Savard Awarded the 2015 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal
2015-02-17NSERC Brockhouse Canada Prize Honours Medical Isotope Team CycloMed99
2015-01-05Canadian Team Demonstrates Solution to Medical Isotope Crisis
2014-12-16Western University Joins TRIUMF Consortium
2014-11-07B.C. Celebrates a Milestone for Canada’s Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL)
2014-10-14Patron of Science Award Recognizes Italian-Canadian Ties
2014-10-07Canada’s Superconducting Electron Linear Accelerator Produces First Beam
2014-09-26Knowledge Mobilization Workshop Offers National Resource
2014-06-09Canadian Team Reaches Next Milestone in Addressing Medical-Isotope Crisis 
2014-06-03ALPHA Collaboration Once Again Charges Up Antimatter Research


Harper Government Investment Strengthens Medical Isotope Development (IAMI)

2014-05-16Isotopes for Science and Medicine Funded Via NSERC CREATE Initiative
2014-04-11Art and Science Collide at Spring Exhibit
2014-03-18Johns Hopkins University Scientist to Lead TRIUMF
2014-02-11Canada Bolsters Support for Science and Technology
2014-02-02Antimatter Team Wins NSERC John C. Polanyi Prize
2013-10-08Higgs, Englert Share the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics
2013-09-16TRIUMF & Canadian Scientists Help Measure Proton's Weak Charge
2013-08-08India and Canada Join Together on Isotopes and Accelerators / Photos for use
2013-07-19Canadians Help International Team Catch Neutrinos "In the Act"
2013-07-11Japan and Canada to Compete for Top American Researcher
2013-06-20TRIUMF's Director Nigel S. Lockyer Tapped to Head Major U.S. Particle-Physics Laboratory
2013-06-09Canadian Solution to Medical-Isotope Crisis Achieves Next Milestone
2013-05-10McGill University Formally Joins the TRIUMF Family
2013-05-03AAPS, Inc. Announces New CEO Jim Hanlon
2013-04-30TRIUMF and EuroFestBC to Host Europe Day Symposium
2013-04-29ALPHA Collaboration Publication Outlines New Technique...
2013-02-28TRIUMF Team Welcomes Isotope Investment
2013-02-21Colliders Collide: New Organization to Advance Next-Generation Accelerator
2013-02-16TRIUMF Hosts Launch of New Global Team for Linear Collider
2013-01-23 Free Public Lecture about LHC Construction by Dr. Lyn Evans
2013-01-15CFI Announces Support for Saint Mary's Isotope Project at TRIUMF
2013-01-14Bombardier's Sylvain Lévesque Joins TRIUMF Board
2012-10-27RAW DATA: Connecting Subatomic Physics to Human Experience
2012-07-04Land, Ho!  Voyage of Discovery Sights the Higgs
2012-07-03Hear about the Higgs
2012-04-04Art & Science Collide Through Emily Carr/TRIUMF Collaboration
2012-03-07Candian-led Research Zaps Antimatter
2012-02-27Status of PET Imaging for Cancer Across Canada
2012-02-20Canadian Team Develops Method to Make Critical Medical Isotope without Reactors
2012-02-14Governor General to Visit TRIUMF February 16
2012-01-19BCIC Partners with TRIUMF to Bring 200 BC Science Students to AAAS Meeting
2011-12-20TRIUMF Sets a World Record for Isotope Production
2011-12-13Physicists Smell but Do Not Yet Taste the Higgs
2011-11-23Nigel Lockyer to Lead Another Success-Filled Term
2011-11-01Work Begins on ARIEL Research Tunnel
2011-10-14TRIUMF Applauds Innovation Award: Knowledge Economy is Growing
2011-10-03Scientific Leaders Present Vision for Future of Particle Physics
2011-07-21ATLAS Scientists Pushing Particle Physics into Terra Incognita
2011-06-21TRIUMF Welcomes Infusion of Young Minds
2011-06-14International Physics Team involving Canadians Sees Hint that Neutrino Mystery Ready to be Solved
2011-06-05Upping the Anti
2011-04-18Stronger Together: University of Winnipeg Joins TRIUMF
2011-04-14TRIUMF/Carleton Physicist Wins Inaugural CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal
2011-03-17Metro Vancouver Students Study Big Bang in Physics Masterclass
2011-01-24BC Moves to the Forefront of Medical-Isotope Production Technology
2011-01-24Four Labs Join Forces to Address Canada's Isotope Situation
2011-01-06UNBC Joins TRIUMF
2010-12-16Advanced Cyclotron Systems and TRIUMF Announce Partnership
2010-12-16Ceremony Celebrates Canadian Cyclotron Prowess at TRIUMF
2010-11-26ATLAS Scientists catch glimpse of the Primordial Universe
2010-11-17Scientists succeed in trek to capture atoms of antimatter
2010-10-15TRIUMF Team to Play Role in Developing Isotopes with Accelerators
2010-10-14TRIUMF and DESY Take Home Top Prizes from the First Global Particle-Physics Photowalk
2010-08-24Minister Yelich Announces Funding for Technology Upgrades
2010-08-09IEEE Recognizes TRIUMF's Main Cyclotron as Engineering Milestone
2010-07-26Canadian Particle Physics Team Announces World-Record Search
2010-05-29TRIUMF Hosts Prestigious Global Conference for 800 Nuclear Scientists
2010-03-31Canada to Transform Technology for Medical-Isotope Production
2010-03-30Beyond the Energy Frontier: LHC Begins Science Program
2010-03-30Canadian Scientists Join Partners to Open New Window on the Universe
2010-03-05Canada Continues Firm Commitment to Science & Technology
2009-12-09Stronger, Higher, Faster: Canadians Savour Thrill of Victory at Physics Frontier
2009-12-03TRIUMF Comments on NRCan Expert Panel Report
2009-11-25T2K Produces and Detects Elusive Neutrino Particles
2009-11-09BC Cancer Agency to lead $1.3 million program evaluating medical-isotope alternatives
2009-08-04Top Nuclear Chemist Joins TRIUMF Laboratory from United States
2009-07-02TRIUMF Family Grows
2009-06-102008 Tom Fairley Award Winner Applauds Her Team
2009-05-29TRIUMF Welcomes Federal Government's Forward Steps on Medical Isotopes
2009-05-04MDS Nordion, TRIUMF, and UBC Announce Partnership to Develop New Diagnostic Imaging Agents
2009-05-01Lecture Nights Reveal the Real Physics Behind Angels & Demons
2009-04-28MDS Nordion and TRIUMF Collaborate to Study Development of Photo-fission-produced Mo-99
2009-04-24Neutrino Experiment in Japan Starts Operation
2009-04-02TRIUMF Adds Canadian Voices to Global Physics Blog
2009-03-20Manitoba Joins World-Class Research Institute
2008-11-17Report Identifies Method for Making Medical Isotopes without Nuclear Reactors
2008-10-03Elite Canadian Computing Centre Helps Launch Worldwide Grid
2008-09-10World's Largest Machine begins Epic Scientific Journey
2008-08-18Dates Set for World Debut of Giant Discovery Machine
2008-08-08TRIUMF Forges New Research and Technology Partnership with India

Lia Merminga Joins World-Leading Physics Research Laboratory as Chief of Accelerator Division

2008-05-08TRIUMF Provides High School Students a new Perspective on Physics
2008-04-14A First for Canada: BC R&D Partnership Hits Milestone and Enters Elite "Superconducting" League
2008-02-29ATLAS Completion of World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Brings Canadian Scientists to Brink of Breakthroughs
2008-02-14TRIUMF Secures Federal Funds to Establish Centre of Excellence for Commercialization
2007-12-12TRIUMF Statement on Chalk River Developments
2007-04-05Two BC High-School Students Selected to Receive TRIUMF High-School Fellowships
2006-12-05TRIUMF Announces New Director
2006-11-15TRIUMF and Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Celebrate Receipt of John C. Polanyi Prize
2006-06-13TRIUMF Develops World's Highest-Powered Source of Short-Lived Atoms
2006-05-17TRIUMF Successfully Commissions Canada's First Superconducting Linear Particle Accelerator
2006-02-17TRIUMF Researchers Team Up with Successful Gigabyte-per-Second Network Computing Challenge
2004-10-28MDS Nordion and TRIUMF receive 2004 Synergy Award for Innovation
2004-07-15Opening of Eighth International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos
2004-04-23Local High School Student Rises to the Top
2007-10-19Canadian Supercomputer to Help Probe Fundamental Structure of Matter
2003-06-10Gordon Campbell to Open World-Class Physics Building
2002-09-30Canadian Researchers Break Records for Data Transfer with Newly Established "Light Path"
2001-12-14TRIUMF Researchers Move One Step Closer to Understanding Production of Matter in the Universe
2001-07-06BABAR Discovers New Difference Between Matter and Antimatter
2000-11-17Next TRIUMF Director Appointed
2000-09-07TRIUMF Welcomes New Member
2000-08-29TRIUMF Researchers Solve Fusion Bottleneck


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