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Career Profile: Computing & IT Professionals

Our Computing and IT professionals work in a number of areas, from Computing Support, Core Computing and Networking, and Data Acquisition, to Management Information Systems, PC Hardware and Windows Support, Scientific Computing, and ATLAS Tier-1 Grid Computing. The aim of these professionals is to promote a versatile and effective computing environment at TRIUMF.

In addition to job specific requirements, these are some of the skills and attributes we look for in our Computing & IT Professionals:

  • Integrity
  • Adaptability
  • Big picture thinkers
  • Detail-oriented, analytical, and accurate
  • Diploma or degree in a relevant field
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures in specialized areas of information technology
  • Ability to identify and solve problems
  • Ability to collaborate extensively with cross-functional teams
  • Ability to multitask and balance multiple projects
  • Excellent communication skills
Computing & IT
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Here's what our Computing & IT Professionals are saying...

"What do I like about working at TRIUMF? What is there not to like about working at TRIUMF! In the ATLAS Tier-1 Data Centre I have the opportunity to work with open source software using state of the art hardware, while working with extremely bright people from both here at home and from around the world. It is challenging and inspiring (and fun)!"

- Denice Deatrich, Senior ATLAS Systems Administrator

"I recently joined TRIUMF, and within no time at all, I felt I was part of a team that was proudly serving high-performance computing."

- Simon Liu, Systems Administrator

"My main reason I have been with TRIUMF for 31 years is because so many of the people here are a joy to work with. Being a Data Analyst is interesting and challenging at times because of the diversity of requests that come to my desk. With those two combined, it makes it fun and exciting to work here at TRIUMF."

- Teresa Lowe, Data Analyst & User Support Rep.

"Why do I enjoy working at TRIUMF? TRIUMF provides a challenging and unique working environment that encourages me to continually grow individually by stepping outside of my traditional areas of expertise to explore, learn, and adapt innovative solutions to the Information Technology challenges at TRIUMF."

- Steven McDonald, Manager, Computing Infrastructure

"It was the physics environment that enticed me to work with TRIUMF. I was fascinated with particle accelerators and the technology required to make them work. Work diversification allowed me to develop computing skills and move into a computing support role. The computing department has been and continues to be very dynamic. The interactions with various TRIUMF groups and the development of innovative solutions to meet their needs is challenging yet exciting. I am proud to be part of and to contribute to a world-leading research laboratory."

- Robert Watt, Coordinator, PC Support