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Career Profile: Engineers

TRIUMF Engineers are responsible for the engineering, planning, design and fabrication of mechanical, structural and electronic components for the Science and Accelerator divisions and are also responsible for electrical and mechanical services and site maintenance. Our engineers work in a wide range of areas, from software and design engineering, to electrical, civil, mechanical, and structural engineering. Their work ensures that the lab runs as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible, with little impact on the environment.

In addition to job specific requirements, these are some of the skills and attributes we look for in our Engineers:

  • Integrity
  • Sound judgment
  • Results-driven attitude
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Independent and analytical thinking
  • Engineering degree in a related field
  • Competency in planning, research, design, evaluation, and commissioning
  • Excellent communication, planning, organizational, project management, and supervisory skills
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Here's what our Engineers are saying...

"There are puzzles to be solved every day."

- Dan Louie, P.Eng., Group Leader, Power Supply

"Working an Engineering job in a high-tech lab environment like TRIUMF has been an exciting and engaging experience for me. TRIUMF's diverse range of projects allows me to practice a mix of analysis, hands-on work, project management, and reporting, while constantly learning about a wide variety of applications. In contrast to the high-volume product industry where I came from, almost every device or machine at TRIUMF is unique and it is mandatory to exercise a balance of creativity and detail-oriented discipline to get the job done on time and on budget."

- Grant Minor, P.Eng., Group Leader, Remote Handling

"Every evening when I leave work, I feel that I added something to the world. Using extensive theoretical knowledge, the ability to think creatively, and a knack for obtaining practical results, I feel that I am contributing to society through my innovative engineering skills. TRIUMF provides me the opportunity to be a proud of my work - what more can an Engineer ask for?"

- Bob Sidhu, P.Eng., Group Leader, ATG Cyclotron Support / Controls Engineer