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Career Profile: Postdoctoral Research Fellows

TRIUMF hires enthusiastic Postdocs from around the world to work alongside some of the brightest scientists in subatomic particle and nuclear physics.  Postdoctoral positions at TRIUMF provide recent Ph.D. graduates with opportunities to work in any of our major research programs, from Accelerator Science, Materials and Molecular Science, to Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Theory, and to further deepen their expertise in a specialist subject.

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In addition to job specific details, these are some of the skills and attributes we look for in our Postdoctoral Research Fellows:

  • Integrity
  • Spirit of collaboration and ability to work as part of a team
  • Ph.D. awarded within the past 5 years in a field related to the TRIUMF research program
  • Previous relevant hands-on experience
  • Demonstrated ability in initiating, conducting, evaluating, and reporting research studies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Willingness to participate in TRIUMF's outreach initiatives in the local community
Postdoctoral Research Fellows
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Here's what our Postdoctoral Research Fellows are saying...

"It is rewarding to be able to apply the skills I obtained during my Ph.D. training in a new environment. I consider my postdoc at TRIUMF to be a unique opportunity which allows me to not only sharpen these skills, but also to learn new ones. As a result, during my fellowship at TRIUMF, I have made significant contributions to the successful completion of a number of high-profile experiments."

- Ernesto Mane, TITAN Post-doc

"Working as a postdoc at TRIUMF gives me a chance to explore how fundamental laws of nature give rise to complex physical phenomena in a variety of systems like neutron stars and hot plasmas. I also get an opportunity to share knowledge with my colleagues trying to understand physics from different perspectives."

- Rishi Sharma, Theory Post-doc