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Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Otto Häusser Post-Doctoral Fellowship at TRIUMF


The TRIUMF Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship attracts outstanding young researchers to any TRIUMF research program and recognizes their achievements with opportunities to enhance the visibility of their research both within their field and to the community at large.

The program is competitive with other highly prestigious fellowship programs at other national laboratories and leading universities around the world. The selected fellows will exhibit the potential for leadership in their field as evidenced by their doctoral work and will have a capacity for communicating the significance of their work through presentations and other forums.

Opportunities exisit to work in any major TRIUMF research program, including: Accelerator Science, Material & Molecular Science, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Theory.

  • To maintain the high level of standard the fellowship may not necessarily be awarded each year.

An announcement for a call for applications will be made when a fellowship position is available.


Basic Guidelines

The Otto Häusser Fellow is appointed for up to three years. The Fellow is given time to review TRIUMF's research program, and participate in any aspect of it. He/she may also pursue new initiatives within TRIUMF's research program that are consistent with TRIUMF's mission statement and supported by peer-reviewed funding. In addition to salary, the Fellow receives a $5,000 annual research supplement.

Research Oriented Opportunities

Throughout their term, fellows are expected to make presentations at TRIUMF and TRIUMF member universities regarding their research. These presentations must be aimed at a broad scientific audience that would be comparable to a departmental colloquium.


The Fellow will  contribute to TRIUMF outreach efforts, but at a level that does not significantly interfere with their research. The nature and scope of this activity will depend on the candidate, but can include such things as: 

  • Participation in TRIUMF Saturday Morning Lectures
  • Participating in or leading TRIUMF tours for visiting government, community or business groups.
  • Visits to local schools to interact with students and teachers
  • Seminars


Selection Procedure


The applicant will have completed their doctoral degrees within one year of their application. Students who expect to receive their PhD by the spring of the respective year may also apply. In particular, the applicant should have no significant postdoctoral experience prior to starting a postdoctoral position on TRIUMF research.

 Recruiting Process:

  • Each candidate for a position will be evaluated to assess eligibility for the fellowship based on the existing application materials    
          - Newly appointed postdoctoral researchers at TRIUMF member universities working on the
          TRIUMF research  program may also be nominated for a PDF if they work at TRIUMF at least half of the time.

  • The committee may also solicit additional letters of reference.
  • Candidates will be invited to TRIUMF to interview with the committee and present a seminar.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will be composed of representatives from each major TRIUMF research program; Accelerator Science, Material & Molecular Science, Nuclear Medicine  Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Theory, two of whom must be external. The committee will be chaired by the Head of Business and Administration at TRIUMF.     Upon reaching a decision on an application, the Committee will issue a recommendation to the TRIUMF Director for a final decision.


Application Instructions

Applications are currently "not" being accepted. An announcement will be made when applications will be accepted!

Applications should include a cover letter, CV, 3 letters of reference, and a written statement of research interests, and should be submitted using one of the following methods:

c/o  Otto Häusser Fellowship Selection Committee
4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, B. C.     Canada  V6T 2A3


Fax: 604.222.1074

E-mail: fellowship

If applying by email, all documents must be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • PDF (preferred)
  • Plain Text
  • Microsoft Word