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Global Particle Physics Photowalk 2010


Top 20 selected photos from TRIUMF participants



Worldwide Photo Exhibit

An amazing collection of photographs from five particle physics labs are now on exhibit around the world.

Each lab will be featuring the two winning images, as well as a collection of images from their lab that were captured during the Global Particle Physics Photowalk.

Visit TRIUMF's exhibit

Opening date: Febrary 21, 2011

Where: South Gallery in the TRIUMF Lobby, 4004 Wesbrook Mall

Public viewing Hours: 830a-430p, Monday to Friday


About the Photowalk

An Invitation to Photograph Behind the Scenes

On Saturday, August 7, 2010, TRIUMF invited local photographers, both amateurs and professionals, to a behind-the-scenes photowalk at the laboratory. Photographers visited, explored, and took photos of people, objects, and locations in a number of research areas. 

In September, TRIUMF voted on a selection of the photos and chose their favourites. The results from the Photo Walk were intruiging, creative, and simply stunning. Visit Flickr to view the top 20 images from TRIUMF.


Local, and Global, Competition

The TRIUMF Photo Walk is part of the global Particle Physics Photowalk that took place on the same day around the world at five physics laboratories in five countries. Participating laboratories are: CERN (Switzerland), DESY (Germany), Fermilab (USA), KEK (Japan) and TRIUMF (Canada).

This globally organized photowalk builds on the success of TRIUMF’s pilot photowalk in June 2010.

Three photos per laboratory will compete globally in juried and popular-vote competition in October 2010. The two global winners will be displayed in all laboratory's exhibits, and appear in particle physics publications symmetry and the CERN Courier. The winning photos from each laboratory's local competition will be displayed in temporary exhibits at the laboratories in 2011.