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Global Photowalk 2012


Vote for the Winning Photos!

A selection of the top photos will are up on our Facebook page.  Please Like your favourite images, and share with your friends to vote for the People's Choice Award. 

The photos will also be presented to a professional jury, and to our researchers at the lab. 

TRIUMF's winning photos will be submitted to a Global competition where the winner will complete with the top photographers from labs around the world. Winners will receive prizes from each lab, as well as publication in Symmetry Magazine. 

Winning photos from the Global Photowalk 2010. 


The Global Photowalk gives professional and amateur photographers all over the world the opportunity to explore and capture the visually and intellectually captivating experiments in different particle physics labs. This year, the photwalk will be held simultaneously in 6 different laboratories: STFC (UK), INFN (Italy), DESY (Germany), Brookhaven (USA), Fermilab (USA), and TRIUMF (Canada). 

The excellence of TRIUMF and its research and collaborations are recognized internationally and constantly displayed on a world-stage; participants in the TRIUMF photowalk, had the opportunity to channel their talents through the lens and share our lab not only with our local community, but the scientific community around the world as well!

The event was held on September 20, 2012.



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