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ATLAS Masterclass

TRIUMF's ATLAS Masterclass has been placed on hold. The ATLAS Canada research group is intent on re launching the in–person program again in 2024.  

Please refer to @TRIUMFLab on social media for updates.  

TRIUMF has developed and announced a brand new website titled, Discover Our Lab https://www.discoverourlab.triumf.cafor continued exploration and awareness of the lab, its purpose, and its impact on science in Canada and around the world.  

Discover the world of High Energy Particle Physics by analyzing real data from the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. 

This year ATLAS Masterclass has moved online as a virtual workshop to help students unravel the mysteries of particle physics. Students from across North America will learn about research methods and topics, analyze real experimental data, and share results with other sites over the course of a half-day video conference webinar.

During this half-day online event every student will have the opportunity to:   

  • Learn about research topics and methods that are fundamental to particle physics

  • Analyze measurements on real data from the ATLAS particle physics experiment at CERN

  • Network with other high school students and researchers to discuss results

Registration for (next planned event) 

ATLAS Masterclass traditionally takes place in late April, over a single day, 9am until 2pm Pacific Time.

  1. Registeration is FREE and RSVP's have been routed through eventbrite. 
  2. Links to futher details and documentation are provided for all confirmed registrants via email.

Space is often limited to the first 25 students who enroll, allowing researchers to maintain small virtual group tutoring. 

Follow @triumflab on social media with regular updates made to registration status under Latest News below. 

What is ATLAS?

ATLAS is one of the two general-purpose detectors at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The ATLAS Collaboration consists of several thousand researchers, including over a hundred scientists from TRIUMF and Canadian universities, conducting research with the ATLAS detector. ATLAS attempts to answer questions regarding the basic building blocks and forces of nature. Ground-breaking research is continuously being done with ATLAS, including the discovery of the Higgs boson.

What is Masterclass?

TRIUMF has partnered with Simon Fraser University the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria to bring the Particle Physics Masterclass experience to high school students in BC.  The events will be hosted by the local scientists involved in the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN. 

During this time students will learn from leading physics researchers and experience what it is like to be a particle physicist by analyzing real data from the ATLAS project. At the end of the day, like all international research collaborations, students will join in a discussion with all other groups and combine their results.

Masterclass Information

Latest News

March 13th 2023: TRIUMF's ATLAS Masterclass has been placed on hold. The ATLAS Canada research group is intent on re launching the in–person program again in 2024.  

February 15th 2022: Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, TRIUMF's ATLAS Masterclass has been placed on hold for the year. The ATLAS Canada research group is intent on re launching the in person program again in 2023.

April 20th 2021: eventbrite registration is now closed. We're preparing all confirmed student's to become the next generation of data scientists. The ATLAS International Masterclass will return next year, and we look forward to begin inviting students to participate after the new year.    

April 6th 2021: There is still space to register on eventbrite and confirm your place in this month's virtual ATLAS tour and masterclass event April 23 & 24.   

March 25, 2021: Event registration is now full. For students who still want to participate, please sign up to the waitlist on eventbrite linked below.    

March 15, 2021: Tickets made available on eventbrite: