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Upcoming Seminars & Lectures

DateTime SpeakerLocationTitle  (click on title to see abstract)
Wed ,
13:00TheoryDaniela Saadeh
Porstmouth U
Theory RoomDark energy: can the fifth force be screened?
Wed ,
14:30AcceleratorMarla Cervantes
ISAC II Conf. RoomDevelopment and Implications of ISOL Target-Materials with High-Carbon content for Short-Lived Radioactive Isotope Beam Production
Thu ,
14:00ColloquiumGopolang Mohlabeng
Simon Fraser U
Auditorium/RemoteNew Directions for Discovering Dark Matter Beyond the Weak Scale
Thu ,
14:00ColloquiumMyles Hildebrand
General Fusion
Auditorium/ HybridUpdate on Progress Towards Commercializing Magnetized Target Fusion at General Fusion
Abstract:------------- General Fusion's Director of Strategic Partnerships, Myles Hildebrand, will give an overview of Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) research at General Fusion and where it exists in the landscape of various fusion energy research concepts. General Fusion's proposed solutions to four long-standing barriers to commercial fusion will be highlighted. This overview will include past experimental work and validation of subsystems including proof-of-concept explosive plasma compression tests, various piston-based compression systems, power plant relevant plasma injectors and plasmas formed in the presence of liquid lithium. The extensive diagnostic development that is underway to support experimentation, including collaborations with various entities will be summarized. Lawson Machine 26 (LM26) - the new MTF machine that is designed to achieve fusion conditions by 2025, and progress toward scientific breakeven by 2026 will be presented. The path towards commercialization will also be discussed. -------------------- Myles Hildebrand studied at McGill University, earning an M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, working on an Implosion Driven Launcher that used explosives to push well-characterized projectiles to 10 km/s. Myles began working at General Fusion in 2016 on the development of a novel explosive plasma compression scheme. Following that, he has worked in many different areas of the company including neutron diagnostics, Bayesian magnetic reconstruction and various other plasma diagnostics. Myles is currently Director, Strategic Partnerships - responsible for strategic partnerships with research institutions, national labs, universities, and industrial partners around the world. In this position, he ensures that all General Fusion's partnerships create value by progressing the technical development of their magnetized target fusion technology while also providing strategic benefit for public and private funding.
Fri ,
13:30Particle Phys/SciTecAnn-Kathrin Schuetz
Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab
MOB Conference RmMachine learning based design optimization for the search of neutrinoless double-beta decay with LEGEND
Fri ,
13:30Particle Phys/SciTecLisa Schlueter
Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab.
MOB Conference RmLatest results from the KATRIN experiment - Neutrino mass and light sterile neutrinos
Thu ,
14:00ColloquiumLaura Berzak-Hopkins
Auditorium/ HybridNIF Fusion (shared with UBC)
Thu ,
14:00ColloquiumRodrigo Fernandez
U of Alberta
Auditorium/ Hybridtba