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1st International ARIEL Science Workshop Final Circular

This is the third announcement for the "ARIEL Science Workshop" to be held on July 7th, 2011 at TRIUMF.  This workshop will match the timing of the summer TRIUMF Users Group AGM and Subatomic Physics EEC meetings.

We would like to thank the community for its response so far to our call for contributions.  Confirmed speakers include:

Corina Andreoiu (SFU)
Faiçal Azaiez (Orsay)
Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)
Jeff Blackmon (LSU)
Alan Chen (McMaster)
Rituparna Kanungo (Saint Mary’s)
Dean Karlen (Victoria)
Adam Garnsworthy (TRIUMF)
Paul Garrett (Guelph)
Harvey Gould (Berkeley)
Robert Kiefl (UBC)
Andrew MacFarlane (UBC)
Marco Marchetto (TRIUMF)
Lia Merminga (TRIUMF)
Luis Orozco (Maryland)
Chris Ruiz (TRIUMF)
Kris Starosta (SFU)
Dan Stracener (Oak Ridge)
Carl Svensson (Guelph)
Tom Ruth (TRIUMF)
Olof Tengblad (Madrid)
The workshop program may be found at .

We hope many of you will participate in what we are sure will be an exciting and interesting workshop. Your input will be very valuable for developing the implementation plan for ARIEL.  Please feel free to contact the members of the organizing committee if you have any questions.   

Further information on the workshop and on ARIEL may be found at

Please note that the TRIUMF User’s Group Annual General Meeting will be held the prior day, July 6th 2011.  The registration deadline is this Thursday, June 24th, and a single registration covers both meetings.

The Organizing Committee

Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri, Chair (
Greg Hackman, Co-Chair (
Kim Chow (
Barry Davids (
Gerald Gwinner (