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Operational Plan


In accordance with guidance from health authorities, TRIUMF will – effective June 1, 2020 – begin a gradual ramp-up of activity on site. This process will begin slowly, with activity increasing in phases as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Please see here for a chart detailing the phases of the TRIUMF Plan.

As has been TRIUMF’s approach since the beginning of the pandemic, the focus remains on ensuring the health and safety of our people. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow site guidelines to help keep us all safe; it is critical that we live the TRIUMF values of Safety and Accountability as we navigate the path ahead.

The first phase of our “Return to Site” will see the numbers of people on the TRIUMF campus remain low, with the specific staffing decisions being driven by operational priorities and a controlled ramp-up of on-site research activities. Only essential staff and those approved by their Divisions will resume on-site work; everyone else will continue to work from home until receiving specific direction to return. The total number of staff onsite will be based on operational needs and guidance from government and health authorities.

To ensure the health and safety of all, everyone returning to site must abide by the directions provided by their supervisors, as physical distancing may require access limitations for particular areas. If you have any questions about your individual circumstances with respect to Return to Site, please contact your ALD.

Other important considerations as TRIUMF enters into this next phase of operations include:

  • Health Monitoring: Should you be experiencing any COVID-like symptoms e.g. fever, shortness of breath, or coughing, please advise your supervisor and stay home. DO NOT COME TO TRIUMF. Please continue to follow the guidance outlined in the TRIUMF COVID-19 Response Plan 
  • Training: Everyone accessing the TRIUMF site will be required to complete a new orientation to familiarize themselves with new practices and protocols implemented  during the pandemic. The course can be accessed via “My Courses” on the TRIUMF Learning Management System ( and must be completed by June 8 OR the date you are expected to come on site, whichever is later.
  • Hygiene: We ask all employees to remain vigilant with regards to hygiene. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed at all main site entry points, i.e. MOB, Badge Room and Stores, and we are mandating all employees to clean their hands prior to entering the site. Furthermore, hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray bottles have been distributed across our site. We ask all employees occupying shared workstations to clean their spaces before and after use. Please contact Terry Sanghera at x6231 for additional supplies. We are also encouraging everyone to wear a facial covering while moving through common or shared spaces at TRIUMF to protect your colleagues.
  • Signage: New signage has been posted across the site covering a range of topics, including room occupancy limits, physical distancing reminders, and instructions for handwashing and the disinfection of workspaces. Please pay particular attention to physical distancing in confined space (such as the Badge Room) and observe and comply with all posted instructions. If you have any questions, please contact Adrian Lee, Director of Facilities, at x7640.
  • Meeting Rooms & Public Areas: All meetings should continue to be conducted via telephone or videoconference. At this time, all TRIUMF meeting rooms are closed. We will revisit this decision once we are able to assess the impact of more staff on site. Similarly, the TRIUMF cafeteria will remain closed, with occupancy of the space limited; other lunchrooms and other public and semi-public spaces will also have significantly reduced capacity. For the safety of all on site, please respect the posted occupancy limits in all spaces.
  • Communication: Given the dynamic nature of the pandemic, it is important for everyone to remain up to date with the latest site-wide communications. Please continue to review the sitewide messages, attend the weekly Virtual Town Hall meetings, and regularly check the TRIUMF COVID-19 webpage ( for important updates.