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It is the intention of TRIUMF that every new employee hired shall fall under one of the following appointment classifications and appointment categories, and that the appointment shall dictate various benefits, compensation, and job tenure.   Each employee will receive a written confirmation of  his/her employment terms as outlined in Appendix 2 of the Employment and Hiring Policy #24.


1) Board Appointed Employee (BAE) refers to a person who has been appointed to a full or part-time position for which formal approval of the Board of Management of TRIUMF is required. BAEs are expected to provide the intellectual leadership of the laboratory. In order to do so, they must be free to explore new avenues of research (referred to as "Intellectual Freedom") as long as these are consistent with TRIUMF's mission statement, statement of work in the NRC Contribution Agreement, and supported by "peer-reviewed funding". BAEs submit proposals to the Experiments Evaluation committees (EEC), the Life Sciences Proposal Evaluation Committee (LSPEC), and the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC). BAE's can and are expected to apply, where appropriate, for funding from outside agencies to support their research programs.

2) Research Associate and Post-doctoral Fellow refers to recent Ph.D's appointed primarily to assist in conducting research on a term basis for the purpose of providing research opportunities to the individual that may enhance qualification for permanent employment.

3) Professional and Supervisory Staff are individuals hired primarily into management, or supervisory positions or posiitons that typically require licensing, acreditation or academic qualifications from  a professional society or academic institute.

4)  Technician refers to those individuals hired for trades positions, or for those positions which fulfill a research support role and require various technical or routine functions to be performed.

5) Grad Student refers to an individual studying at a graduate level hired for a specific term.

6) Student refers to individuals hired at either an undergraduate level or into a summer works program for a specific work term or co-op term.

7) Apprentice refers to individuals in either a Millwright, Machinist or Electrical field hired for training in conjunction with the province's apprenticeship board, for a training period of four years.


8) Visiting Scientist refers to an individual from another university or research institution appointed to TRIUMF for a period of time for the purpose of contributing to the experimental or theoretical program.


a) Probationary:  The status of an employee for a specified period of time during which an employee's performance and conduct is evaluated to determine eligibility for continued employment.

b) Continuing:  Employment is assumed to be on an on-going basis (normally following completion of a probationary period) and may be full or part-time. For BAE's, a continuing appointment is not usually given until the 5th year of employment at TRIUMF. The awarding of a continuing appointment is not automatic, and an extensive review of the candidate's performance, including external peer review, is required before it is awarded. Employees falling in this category are eligible for all employee benefits and vacation as determined by their position category.

c) Term:  Employment of an individual is made for a specific period of time, to work either full or part-time, on a specific job or project.  Term appointments will normally be for no less than six (6) months, and no more than five (5) years, and will be either "with review" or "without review".  Staff  holding term appointments will receive a minimum of thirty (30) days advanced written notice should the term be concluded prior to the original completion date.  Employees on a term appointment are eligible for the same employee benefits available to continuing employees, but limitations may apply according to length of term.
Without Review
There will be no implication that a term appointment will lead to a permanent position.
With Review
Term appointments with review are full-time for a minimum of twenty-four (24) months,   and while there is no implication of automatic renewal, the employee will be considered for  future employment.

d) Temporary:  Employment is for a specified term, not to exceed six (6) months.   Temporary employees are not eligible for employee benefits.

e) Hourly:  Employment is usually of a part-time nature, with the weekly hours of work normally scheduled for less than the standard work week.  Hourly employees may be eligible for certain benefits depending on the hours worked each week.

f)  Student:  All students (including Grad's) will be hired into this category.  Students are not eligible for employee benefits.

g) Casual:  Employment is on a day-to-day, or as-needed basis, usually for short periods of time up
to one month.  Casuals are not eligible for employee benefits.