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Employment and Hiring


It is the intent of TRIUMF that all employment hiring practices be treated in a consistent and equitable manner, that they comply with all applicable legislation and that they result in the selection of individuals who best meet the qualification requirements.


All personnel, regardless of the employee category, whose salaries are administered through TRIUMF will have their appointments processed through the TRIUMF Human Resource Department.


1) Authorization
All new or continuing positions, regardless of status (see Policy # 1) must be approved by the Division Head and endorsed by the Director prior to recruitment.

2) Preparation for Recruiting pproval
a) A draft job description will be prepared for all new positions, and reviewed for all continuing or existing positions.
b) A classification and position level will be assigned to all positions.
c) The recruiting salary range will be assigned in accordance with the Salary Administration guidelines.

3) Recruitment
a) The position will be posted internally for 10 working days. External advertising may occur simultaneously, but qualified internal candidates will receive consideration. If a suitable candidate is found, TRIUMF will appoint the person best qualified for the position.

b) An interview panel will be formed and may consist of one or more of the following: The Division Head/Manager, the supervisor or designate, the current incumbent if applicable, a member of Human Resources.

c) Selection criteria and interview questions will be developed by the interview panel to ensure all candidates are evaluated using the same selection criteria.

d) Each person being considered for employment must complete an application form prior to being interviewed.

e) Upon completion of the interview process, the successful candidate will be determined by the consensus of the interview panel, and, where consensus cannot be reached, the manager's or the division head's (as applicable) decision will be deemed the decision of the panel. The offer of employment, however, is contingent upon the obtainment of satisfactory reference checks.

4. Hiring
a) The final salary will be determined by the experience and qualification of the successful candidate in combination with the TRIUMF salary scales and administration policy, as well as external market demands. At no time should the hiring salary distort internal equity.

b) A probation period shall be assigned to all new continuing employees for a specified time during which the employee's performance will be evaluated. For Professional, Technical and Administrative positions this period may range from three months to one year. A probationary period for a temporary or contract employee hired to fill a continuing position, may be waived at the discretion of the division head.

c) All employees, regardless of status, and including students, graduate students and postdocs,  will receive their terms of employment in writing, prior to commencing employment. (See appendix No.1 below)

d) All newly hired employees must complete the relevant orientation procedures


1) It is the responsibility of the Director to authorize all new hires.

2) It is the responsibility of the Division Head to authorize probation extensions, and status changes from probation to continuing.

3) It is the Supervisor's responsibility to participate in the hiring and recruiting procedures.

4) It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to:

  • ensure pre and post recruitment approvals are obtained
  • ensure all postings, internal and external, are in compliance with policies and legislation
  • coordinate recruiting activities to ensure legislative requirements are met
  • ensure that reference checks have been conducted on all employees prior to an employment offer being made
  • coordinate new employee orientation



Each individual being offered employment by TRIUMF shall receive a "Letter of Offer" containing the following information:

  • the title of the position
  • a copy of the job description
  • the effective date of hire
  • the status of position
  • the length of the contract or temporary term
  • the department and staff member to whom the person will report
  • the starting salary and frequency of pay
  • the date of the next salary review
  • position classification and step
  • the length of probation
  • eligibility for employee benefits and pension
  • holiday and vacation entitlement
  • hours of work
  • specific employment conditions - ie.. must betrained as NEW
  • immigration requirements where applicable
  • conflict of interest conditions
  • patents, inventions and secrecy agreement terms
  • any qualifications to the offer, e.g.. proof of eligibility to work in Canada, approval of NSERC awards, proof of education
  • if applicable, any terms or conditions relating to relocation expenses
  • termination agreement
  • formal acceptance requirement