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First Aid


TRIUMF management is committed to providing the most comprehensive first aid coverage to the employees, workers, and visitors at the TRIUMF site during hours of business and operation. To this end, the number, and level of first aid attendants shall not fall below the minimum requirements determined each year by the WCB for the TRIUMF facility. (Please refer to TRIUMF Safety Note 3.9 for details on the First Aid Program).


1) TRIUMF employees may, upon approval by their Supervisor and the Occupational Safety Officer, elect to enroll in the Occupational or Emergency First Aid course. The course may be taken during regular working hours, and will be paid for by TRIUMF. If the employee fails the course for reasons other than medical, the employee will be required to repeat the course at his/her own expense and on his/her own time, OR, to reimburse TRIUMF for the original cost of the course.

2) TRIUMF employees already designated as Occupational First Aid Attendants, and who are required to renew their certificate, will have the course paid for by TRIUMF, and may attend the course of study during regular work hours. If the Attendant fails the course for reasons other than medical, the procedure as outlined in 1) above will apply.

3) A specific group of TRIUMF employees are selected to be trained in Emergency First Aid in order to provide basic first aid coverage during work shifts falling outside of business hours.
Such employees may receive their training during regular working hours and TRIUMF will pay for the course.


A) Any TRIUMF employee who is designated as an Occupational First Aid Attendant, and who holds a valid Occupational First Aid certificate shall be paid an allowance as follows: $75.00 per month during the first year of service as a First Aid Attendant, increasing by $5.00 per month for every year of continuous service thereafter, to a maximum of $125.00 per month.

B) Any TRIUMF employee designated as an Emergency First Aid Attendant, and who holds a valid certificate, shall receive a lump-sum payment in the amount of $100.00 after each successful completion of training and certification.

RESPONSIBILITIES (Please refer to Safety Note 3.9)

1) It is the responsibility of TRIUMF Management to provide the necessary facilities and
equipment required to maintain the first aid services.

2) It is the responsibility of the Industrial Safety Officer of the TRIUMF Safety Group to administer the first aid program and to ensure first aid coverage is in compliance with WCB regulations.

3) It is the responsibility of the Occupational First Aid Attendants to arrange their work schedules in such a way so as to ensure first aid coverage is available to employees during operational hours, and to respond and react to all accidents and injuries in accordance with the authority assigned to them through their level of certification.

4) It is the responsibility of the employee, worker or visitor to report all injuries or accidents to the First Aid Attendant, whether or not treatment is required. Reporting of such injuries is required by law and protects the employee's right to compensation for on-the-job injuries.

5) It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to process the monthly first aid premiums as per this policy.