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Foreign Recruitment


In complying with Canada Employment and Immigration laws, TRIUMF will make every effort to provide employment opportunities and give hiring preferences to, Canadian Citizens and Canadian Landed Immigrants. In certain situations, the most qualified candidate for the position may be a foreign worker. To that end, the following procedures will apply when recruiting a foreign worker:


1) Depending on the position,the Human Resources department will complete the "Application to Hire a Temporary Foreign Worker " and submit it to Services Canada. This application is for the purpose of obtaining the necessary "Approval of Confirmation to Offer Temporary Employment to a Foreign Worker".  An alternative process is the provincial nomination program.  Iin either case, the application will include supporting documents demonstrating:

a) where the position was advertised (in Canada and elsewhere)
b) the total number applicants
c) the number (if any) of Canadian applicants
d) a list of all applicants interviewed
e) a summary of why a Canadian applicant was not selected
f) a copy of the job description and resume of the foreign worker TRIUMF wishes to offer employment to

2) Human Resources will advise the successful foreign applicant, in writing, that it is TRIUMF's
intention to offer him/her the position, provided TRIUMF is granted approval by Service Canada or the provincial nominee program to offer employment to a person outside of Canada.

3) Upon receipt of the documentation from the appropriate agency validating the "Approval to Offer Employment to a Foreign Worker", the Human Resource department shall provide a letter of employment offer to the Foreign Worker outlining the terms and conditions of employment, and indicating that the employment offer is conditional on the foreign worker obtaining the necessary Canadian Work Visa from Immigration Canada. The foreign worker will receive a copy of the above noted validation approval, the system file number, and the appropriate numbers required to contact the Immigration Visa Officer.

4) Once the foreign worker has obtained the Canadian Work Visa, and accompanying social insurance number, he/she may commence employment as outlined in the letter of employment.

5) All approvals by HRDC to hire a foreign worker are granted for a duration of 52 weeks of employment. Any requests to extend the "Offer of Employment" requires another application, including a detailed rationale, an update on the performance of the worker, and the progress of the work that he/she is doing. This application should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the expiry date of the active authorization.


Moving expenses for a foreign recruitment will be in accordance with section 2) of the Relocation Policy No. 26.


Canada Immigration requires a small fee be paid by the foreign worker when he/she applies for a Canadian Work Visa. This fee is the responsibility of the foreign worker. Any fees associated with applying for Permanent Resident status shall be the responsibility of the foreign worker.


It is the responsibility of all employees involved in recruiting to ensure that the process is conducted in such a way so that if a foreign worker is selected, TRIUMF can demonstrate the steps necessary in item 1) above.

It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to process all applications and paperwork related to foreign recruitment.