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Internal Recruiting

This policy is of TRIUMF wide scope and addresses all employee categories. Those employees whose agreement comes under an affiliated university, institution or collective agreement must refer to the appropriate policies or contracts of their governing university, institution or collective agreement.


In the event that new positions are created or existing positions become vacant, TRIUMF will make every effort fill these positions by promoting employees from within the organization. When such positions or vacancies become available, the following procedures will apply.


1. All permanent new positions and vacancies will be posted on the "Employment Opportunities" bulletin board within TRIUMF, and also on the TRIUMF web site, for a period of at least ten (10) working days, and will be forwarded for advertisement at associate universities when applicable.

2. All temporary positions having the potential to become permanent will also be posted as outlined above.

3. In cases where TRIUMF feels that a particular employee may be the most appropriate candidate for the posted position, a qualifier will be added to the posting stating: "A strong internal candidate has been identified."

4. TRIUMF reserves the right to advertise all positions externally and simultaneously to the internal posting.

5. TRIUMF employees who meet the basic requirements of the advertised position are encouraged to apply in writing, and submit a current resume.

6. All internal applicants, if deemed qualified for the position, will be given due consideration during a formal interview, and will be notified in writing as to the outcome of their candidacy.

7. The successful selection of an internal candidate will result in one of the following:

  • A "lateral transfer" to a position in the same classification or category which does not result in a salary adjustment, OR
  • A "promotion" to a position at a higher classification or category resulting in a salary increase.


It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to ensure all positions are posted in accordance with these procedures.