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Layoff and Recall


TRIUMF will make every reasonable effort not to lay-off employees. In the event that a temporary lay-off is necessary and unavoidable (for example due to temporary lack of funds, work or technological change), management will make every effort to find alternative temporary positions within TRIUMF at the same level. Not withstanding this, the following procedures will apply:


1. In the event a temporary lay-off occurs, employees shall be laid-off based on operational requirements, with consideration given to seniority.

2. When circumstances allow, employees identified to be temporarily laid-off will be notified in writing as specified below. TRIUMF reserves the right to award pay in lieu of this notice.

Length of ServiceMinimum Notice Time
less than 2 years one (1) calendar month
more than 2 years, less than 5 two (2) calendar months
more than 5 years, less than 10 three (3) calendar months
more than 10 years four (4) calendar months


3. Seniority shall be determined by length of service at TRIUMF, normally the actual starting date except where two or more employees have the same starting date. In this case, the date the employment offer was accepted will take precedence.

4. If an appropriate position is re-opened within thirteen (13) weeks of the lay off, the employee will be recalled, and must accept or refuse the recall offer within seven (7) days of receiving the offer.

5. A recalled employee will maintain his/her seniority provided the recall is within thirteen (13) weeks of the lay-off.

6. An employee who cannot be contacted within thirty (30) days of a position being re-opened will be removed from the recall list and terminated.

7. An employee who is not recalled within thirteen (13) weeks, shall be deemed to be discharged without cause as per TRIUMF's Termination Policy No.10, and the date of lay-off becomes the date of actual termination.

8. Employee benefits shall continue during the period of lay-off on the same cost-sharing basis that is in effect at the time of lay-off, unless the employee is not returning to work.


a) It is the responsibility of the Senior Management Committee to authorize lay-offs and re-calls as per these procedures, for further approval by the Director.

b) It is the responsibility of the Director to approve all lay-offs and recalls.

c) It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Manager to interpret this policy.

d) It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to process lay-offs and recalls as per these procedures.