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Overtime Pay Allowances


It is TRIUMF's intent that, to the fullest extent possible, all business be conducted within the normal hours of work agreed to with its employees under Policy No.8. The need for employees to work overtime should be minimized through careful planning and scheduling of work.


All employees, with the exception of those working in a managerial or supervisory capacity are eligible for overtime pay as per this procedure. Exempt from overtime pay are also those professionals in a field of science whose work is primarily intellectual, as opposed to routine, mechanical or physical, requires invention or theoretical exploration, and is of such a nature that the output or results cannot be standardized in relation to a given period of time. Also exempt are high technology employees in senior engineering, programming and analytical positions.


When overtime is necessary, it must be authorized in advance by the Supervisor and submitted for payment on the OT Request Form. Overtime in excess of 15 hours in any one pay-period must be approved by the Division Head.


  • Weekly Hours: 37.5 hours for Technicians and 35 hours for all others
  • Hourly Rate: Monthly salary x 12 divided by 52 weeks, divided by weekly hours
  • Scheduled Hours: The hours normally scheduled to be worked, on an on-going basis
  • Work Week: For overtime purposes only, seven consecutive days from Sunday to Saturday


When an employee is required to work authorized hours in addition to the basic scheduled hours, he/she shall be paid as follows:

  • Double time for hours worked in excess of the normal daily or weekly hours, or for normally scheduled hours worked on a paid holiday
  • Triple time for hours worked in excess of the normally scheduled hours falling on a paid holiday

4. TIME OFF IN LIEU OF OVERTIME PAY - Employees Eligible for Overtime Pay

All pre-authorized overtime qualifying for payment as outlined in 3 a) and b), may at the written request of an employee, be taken as time off with pay, and calculated on the basis of the applicable overtime rate. Time off which is accrued in lieu of overtime pay must be taken within six (6) months of the date on which the overtime was worked. Banked time (in lieu of wages) that has not been taken within the six (6) months, or that is owing to a terminating employee, will automatically be paid to the employee upon written authorization by the Supervisor.

5. ACCUMULATED TIME OFF - Employees Not Eligible For Overtime Pay

It is recognized that overtime exempt staff may at times be required to work beyond the scheduled hours.  In such cases, and with the supervisor's agreement, this time may be accumulated and taken as time off on a straight-time basis without additional financial remuneration.


Overtime pay will not result from the application of the Flex-Time work schedule. If an employee is required to work on his/her flex day-off, then the first available day thereafter should be taken in lieu of the day worked.


A meal allowance equal to the prevailing lunch reimbursement for travel expenses (a link to the current rates is maintained by Accounting) shall be reimbursed when two (2) or more approved hours of overtime are worked contiguous to the scheduled work hours, or on an unscheduled work day.


An employee in a support role, with the exception of those whose duties are primarily managerial or supervisory in nature, who is called in to work hours outside the employee's basic scheduled hours, or called back to work after a shift has been completed, shall be paid a minimum of four (4) hours at the applicable overtime rate.


An employee in a support role who, because of operational demands, is required to be available to be called in to work outside the normally scheduled hours, shall be paid one (1) hour at straight time for each seven and one half (7.5) hour period on standby. When an employee on standby is requested to report to work, he/she must arrive no later than one (1) hour from the time of the call in order to receive the call out pay. This does not apply to those employees in a managerial or supervisory role.


Operational needs dictate that certain employees be required to work irregular hours outside the normal day shift. An afternoon shift commences at 2:45pm, and an evening shift commences at 11:00pm. A shift differential is payable at the following rates provided that at least four (4) hours of the employees work schedule falls within either of these two shifts:

  • afternoon shift = a 5% premium is added to the normal hourly rate
  • evening shift = a 10% premium is added to the normal hourly rate


  • It is the responsibility of the employee to obtain authorization to work the overtime, and to record such overtime accurately on the semi-monthly timesheets.
  • It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to ensure overtime and pay allowances are appropriately authorized.
  • It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to interpret this policy.