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Performance Management


TRIUMF recognizes that the organization's success depends to a large extent on the performance of its employees. TRIUMF's Performance Planning and Review Program is an essential component to ensure our success. The goals of Performance Planning and Review are:

1) To support the accomplishments of TRIUMF's program of work.
2) To plan work assignments, review and evaluate individual employee performance.
3) To identify individual employee training and development needs.
4) To provide an opportunity for individual employees to achieve their maximum potential.
5) To recognize and reward the efforts of employees.


A. Definition
For the purpose of this policy, a "Supervisor" shall be defined as an employee who has performance management responsibility for one or more employees. For the purpose of
this policy, a "Supervisor" may be a foreman, supervisor, section head, manager, division head or director.

For the purpose of this policy, a "Performance Reviewer" shall be defined as an employee (or employees) familiar with the work of the individual being reviewed, who has been approved by the Division Head to assist in conducting the performance review on the employee, and who will also provide input into the proposed performance rating.

B. Performance Planning
1) Performance Planning is crucial for successful performance management. At the beginning of the performance year, the supervisor will establishes the individual work plans and performance expectations for the coming year, in consultation with his/her employees. The expectations must address the fundamental requirements of the individuals job description as well as identify group or personal goals, competencies and accountibilities based on a fully functioning level of performance.

2) Individual positions must be reviewed at the beginning of each performance year, with emphasis on the comparisons between the employee's work plan and current job description. Significant differences should be noted, with the intent to determine if reclassification is warranted.

C. On Going Review and Coaching
The on-going review of the performance expectations and the employee's performance is critical to successful performance management. It is designed to establish an understanding between the supervisor and employee to ensure what was agreed to will get done, to provide the necessary support and guidance, to identify and resolve problems, and to incorporate changes to performance expectations and work plans as necessary. The on-going review should include documenting all changes and results achieved.

D. Year End Review and Feedback
The formal year end review is designed to summarize the performance discussion, and should include any discussions or changes made during the year, the results achieved as measured against the expectations, and any circumstances that may have affected the performance. The review will also address key competencies areas that will lead to identifying training and development opportunities that will improve performance or increase the individual's capabilities. In summary, the review should capture what you did, how you did it, and should identify any areas were improvement or training may be needed.

E. Performance Planning and Review Form (PPR)
This form is intended to record the performance discussion. It serves as a permanent record of the process followed, the expectations and changes agreed to, results achieved and the training needs identified. A copy of this form is available to the employee and is placed in his/her personal file in Human Resources.

F. Performance Ratings
Each employee's overall performance shall be evaluated based on the ratings schedule.
Ratings in the ("1") category shall not be given to an employee for more than one performance year term. An employee given a "1" rating will result in the employee being placed on probationary status. A subsequent rating at this level may result in dismissal.

G. Consistency
To ensure consistency with the individual ratings, the following procedures apply:

a) following the year end review by the supervisors, and prior to final approval of the performance ratings by the Division Heads, each Division Head shall meet with the supervisors to review the proposed rating and ensure consistency within the Division. Following this, the Division Heads will meet as a group to review and discuss the performance ratings to ensure that the ratings have been assigned by the Supervisors in a consistent manner, site-wide.

b) subsequent to this meeting, the decision regarding the performance rating will be communicated to the employee both verbally and in writing.

H. Schedule of Performance Management Activities
The performance year will be January 1st to December 31st. The performance review and planning aspects of the program are intended to be conducted between January 1st and March 1st of each year. The Performance Planning and Review Form should be completed and signed no later than the 15th of March in order to complete the process in a timely fashion.

I. Performance Appeal Procedure
If an employee is not in agreement with the performance rating assigned, he/she may appeal
the rating as outlined in the Performance Appeal Procedure.


Each employee's overall performance for the year shall be evaluated based on one of the following 5 categories:


Ratings Definitions



1. It is the responsibility of each employee to actively participate in performance management procedures as per this policy, particularly in regards to planning, and in problem identification with respect to unachievable objectives, or changes to the work plan.

2. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to provide the Division Head with the work plans and performance information for individuals within their jurisdiction, to conduct performance review procedures as per this policy, and to assign ratings for their staff.

3. It is the responsibility of the Division Heads to:

  • prepare overall work plans for their Division
  • approve the annual performance ratings for the employees within their jurisdiction.

4. It is the responsibility of the Director to ensure that the performance management activities are completed and conducted in a consistent and equitable manner for all employees, and to authorize all ratings.

5. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Manager to administer and interpret the procedures as per this policy, and to report on the effectiveness of the process to the Personnel Committee of the Board.

6. It is the responsibility of the Personnel Committee of the Board to monitor the activities and results of the performance review process in order to maintain its integrity and consistency, and to ensure that all employees are being given the same opportunity to achieve their potential.

7. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to:

  • coordinate the performance review activities
  • provide employees with written notification of their performance rating
  • process the pay when performance results effect the salary