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Professional Development

This policy is of TRIUMF wide scope and addresses all employee categories.  Those employees whose agreement comes under an affiliated university, institution or collective agreement must refer to the appropriate policies or contracts of their governing university, institution or collective agreement.


Subject to budgetary constraints and operational requirements, TRIUMF will support employees in acquiring, updating or developing the knowledge and skills required for them to meet their present and future work requirements.


Training (General Skills Upgrading)

1. Training refers to the attendance at a single educational event such as a seminar, workshop, or conference; or for a programme or course of study.

2. All continuing employees who have completed their probationary period are eligible for  TRIUMF supported training.

3. TRIUMF support is subject to completion by the employee and supervisor of the "Training  Support Application" and approval and authorization by the section head or  Division Head.

4. The extent of support for course, event or tuition fees, depends on the relevance of the training to the  present and future work expected from the employee.

5. Fees will be paid in advance of the training event if TRIUMF initiated or full payment  has been approved.

6  Fees for training which are not TRIUMF initiated (but are approved for employee attendance) will be paid upon successful completion of the event and presentation  of the fee payment receipt.

7. Unsuccessful or non-completion of a training event will require repayment of the amount of  pre-paid fees except in case of emergency or other events beyond the control of the  employee.


1. It is the responsibility of the employee to:

  • consult the supervisor on his/her development needs;  and
  • complete the relevant training application as per these procedures

2. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to:

  • assist the employee in identifying his/her development needs
  • endorse attendance at a training event as per these procedures
  • review all applications for Training Support
  • make a recommendation to the Division head for approval or denial of Training request

4. It is the responsibility of the Division Head to:

  • approve or deny all applications for Training Support

5. It is the Responsibility of the Human Resource Department to:

  • advise employees, supervisors and managers on these procedures