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Protective Clothing & Equipment


TRIUMF is committed to supplying its employees with the necessary protective clothing and equipment required when working in a variety of potentially hazardous situations. In doing so, TRIUMF management expects all employees to abide by the protective clothing requirements as dictated by the job or government regulations.


Safety shoes must be worn by all employees working around machinery or heavy equipment. (Any other persons visiting in these areas must wear shoes of substantial material with non-skid soles.) TRIUMF will pay up to $125.00 towards safety shoes required for work, provided he/she has the supervisor's authorization. Upon authorization by the Industrial Safety Officer, a greater allowance may be made for an individual whose supervisor has demonstrated exceptional function requirements.


Where there is overhead work, or danger from falling objects, WCB approved HARD HATS must be worn, and will be provided by TRIUMF through the "Stores" department.


For employees engaged in duties where eye safety may be a risk, such as working with lasers, or working in the machine shop or welding shop, TRIUMF will provide CSA approved eye protection, including prescription if necessary. For assistance in obtaining prescription safety glasses through the BC Association of Optometrists, please contact the Industrial Safety Officer. New prescription safety glasses may be acquired at no cost to the employee if the glasses are damaged on the job or the prescription changes. Non-prescription protective plano eyewear is provided by TRIUMF and available from the "Stores" department.


Employees who may be required to wear respiratory equipment shall be identified as such by the supervisor with advice from the Industrial Safety Officer, and prior to being issued a respirator, will receive a Respiratory Fit Test and appropriate Training on its use. Training and equipment is provided by TRIUMF.


Ear protection, including plugs and muffs will be provided to workers exposed to excessive, constant, or irritating noise. (Annual hearing tests with be conducted for these employees as part of the WCB Hearing Conservation Program.) Appropriate protection devices are provided by TRIUMF and available from "Stores".


Safety gloves will be provided to those employees whose jobs require that their hands be exposed to certain conditions, hazards or chemicals. Coveralls, lab coats, booties and sleeve covers will also be supplied to those employees working in areas that require body or clothing protection. Such clothing articles may be obtained from the "Stores" department. (Note: When working around machinery or machine tools, clothing should be "close-fitting", long hair must be tied back, and ties, scarves, jewelry and other similar items MUST NOT BE WORN.)


All employees entering the TRIUMF public-exclusion area will be provided with, or issued, a direct reading radiation dosimeter badge or a thermal luminescent dosimeter badge for the purpose of monitoring radiation.


1) It is Management's responsibility to ensure that protective clothing and equipment is made available to all employees.

2) It is the Supervisor's responsibility to ensure that protective clothing and equipment requirements have been identified and obtained for all employees within his/her jurisdiction, and that the employees use it.

3) It is the employee's responsibility to wear the appropriate protective clothing or equipment identified for his/her job.

4) It is the responsibility of the TRIUMF Safety Group to identify areas where protective clothing or equipment are required.