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Retirement, Pensions and Benefits

This policy is of TRIUMF wide scope and addresses all employee categories. Those employees whose agreement comes under an affiliated university, institution or collective agreement must refer to the appropriate policies or contracts of their governing university, institution or collective agreement.


Under construction



Upon attainment of an eligible age, the conclusion of the employee/employer relationship due to application and receipt of pension benefits from either the Staff or Faculty Pension Plan. Please refer to your Pension Plan Booklet for details.


1) Early Retirement

Employee's may elect early retirement with a reduced pension any time after age 55.

2) Delayed Retirement

Please refer to the Pension Plan Booklet for details.


a) The following benefits are available to retiring employees at their own cost through TRIUMF

  • Provincial Medical
  • Extended Medical
  • Dental


It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to:

  • process retirements and benefits as per this policy