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Sick Leave


TRIUMF's short-term sick leave benefits are designed to protect the employee=s income when he/she is unable to work as a result of illness or injury for a period of no more than twenty-six (26) weeks.


1. Basic Casual Sick Leave
Basic casual sick leave is defined as an illness or non-work related injury that prevents the employee from working for a period up to and including three (3) consecutive days. (Illness of a family member does not qualify as sick time - please refer to Family Responsibility in Leave Policy No. 2)

2. Short-Term Disability - TRIUMF Wage Loss Program
Short-term disability is defined as an illness or non-work related injury that prevents the employee from working for a period in excess of three (3) days, but no longer than twenty-six (26) weeks.

3. Long-Term Disability - Sun Life Insurance Plan
Long term disability is provided through an insurance company and provides income replacement if severe or prolonged disability prevents the employee from working for more than twenty-six (26) weeks. This Policy No.3 addresses 1) and 2) above, only. (Please refer to your employee benefit details on long term disability and income replacement benefits).

4. Medical Appointment Leave
TRIUMF recognizes that employees may, from time to time, be required to visit the doctor or dentist. Each employee is granted up to a total of 4 hours per month (not accumulative) to be used towards such visits. Arrangements to make up time lost for doctor/dentist visits in excess of 4 hours should be made with the supervisor. For those employees working flex-time, and wherever possible for all employees, TRIUMF encourages that doctor and dentist appointments be scheduled in such a way so as to minimize the impact to TRIUMF's program of work.

BENEFITS - For Continuing Full or Part-Time TRIUMF employees
For continuing full or part-time salaried employees, and for those term employees hired for an initial period in excess of three years, TRIUMF will provide salary continuance on the following basis:

A) Basic Sick Leave

  • During the first 3 months of employment, payment of sick leave will be at the discretion of the Supervisor, provided the employee is not on probationary status
  • After 3 months employment, sick leave that is 3 days or less in duration, will be paid at 100% of the regular salary, provided the employee is not  on probationary status
  • New employees on probationary status will accrued 1.25 sick days per full calendar month of employment during the probation period to a maximum of 5 days
  • There will be no sick leave accruals beyond the probation period

TRIUMF monitors on an annual basis the average time-loss due to illness.
TRIUMF management reserves the right to request a doctors certificate at any time, and if it is found that the employee is abusing sick privileges, basic sick leave payments may be denied.

B) Short-Term Disability
After 3 months employment or upon completion of the probationary period, which ever comes later, for illness exceeding 3 days, the following payment structure will apply, based on service with TRIUMF:

                             TRIUMF WAGE LOSS PROGRAM

3 mos. to 12 months1 week0 weeks25 weeks
After 1 year4 weeks4 weeks18 weeks
After 4 years8 weeks6 weeks12 weeks
After Eight Years16 weeks10 weeks0 weeks
After 12 Years26 weeks00



Wage Loss Sick benefits are payable subject to the following guideline:
a) For illness or injury exceeding three (3) days, you may be asked to provide a written note from a licensed physician indicating the nature of the illness or injury and the expected return to work date.

b) In addition to the above, and for illness in excess of 10 days, you may also be asked to provide written support from a licensed physician regarding your ability to return to work.

c) As a condition for continuing to receive sick benefits, or before returning to work, TRIUMF Management reserves the right to request that you undergo a medical examination or assessment by a physician appointed by TRIUMF.

d) If you were receiving sick leave benefits and again become disabled and:

1) the successive disability is due to the same or related cause and you have returned to work for less than one (1) month, the balance of your sick leave benefits would be payable as though your disability had been continuous; or

2) the successive disability is due to either:

  • an unrelated cause, or;
  • the same or related cause, but recurs after you have returned to work for more than one (1) month, sick leave benefits will be payable as if no previous disability existed.

    e) TRIUMF will reduce sick leave benefits by the amount of disability benefits to which you may be entitled to under WCB or CPP Disability Benefits, or ICBC wage loss benefits

    For Hourly Employees:
    No sick leave is permitted until 450 hours have been accumulated. At that point the employee will receive a 3.75 day sick leave credit, and thereafter will accrue up to 1.25 days per month to a maximum of 45 days, accumulative, based on the following formula:

     - For Technicians and TRIUMF House Staff:  1.25 days of sick leave credit when at least 150 hours per month have been worked (Sicke Leave Credit is Prorated based on actual hours worked)

    -  For P&S Staff:  1.25 days of sick leave credit when at least 140 hours per month have been worked (Sick Leave Credit is Prorated based on actual hours worked) 

    For Temporary Full-time Employees Hired for an Initial 3 Year Term or Less:
    Commencing with the first day of the month following employment, each term employee will accrue 1.25 days of sick leave per month of service to a maximum of 45 days, which may be applied against sick days taken. (There is no cash value on termination). Students, Grad Students and Casual employees are not eligible for sick Leave Benefits.


    1) It is the responsibility of the employee, when requested by HR, to provide written certification from a physician for illness or injuries resulting in more than three (3) days from work, and to ensure that sick days are recorded on the timesheet where applicable.

    2) It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that sick time is reported on the timesheets and that Human Resources is notified immediately when an employee is going to be off for more than 3 days, or of any suspected abuse of sick leave privileges.

    3) It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Manager to interpret this policy, and to advise employees, supervisors and Division Heads as per these procedures

    4) It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to:

    • request or waive medical examinations when deemed appropriate
    • process pay as per these procedures and to maintain sick leave statistics