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Travel Time


This policy is of TRIUMF wide scope and addresses all employee categories. Those employees whose agreement comes under an affiliated university, institution or collective agreement must refer to the appropriate policies or contracts of their governing university, institution or collective agreement.


When an employee is required to travel on TRIUMF business, the employee shall be compensated for the time spent traveling as per the following procedures.


1. a) For travel by public/private transportation, the normal time it would take to proceed from the work place or the home, direct to the destination and, upon return, directly back to the work place or home, provided the travel time occurs outside of the regular working hours, including weekends.

b) In the event that an alternate means of travel is requested by the employee which would result in longer than normal travel time to and from the destination, and, if approved by the manager, compensation for such travel time shall not exceed that which would be payable under (a) above.

2. Compensation will not be granted for:

a) travel time during regular work hours

b) travel time to courses, training sessions, conferences or seminars which the employee attends for the purpose of career development, or on his/her own initiative.

c) time spent traveling to and from work when an employee responds to a "Call Out".

d) commuting time to and from TRIUMF for the regular daily work schedule.

3. If the employee is required to travel on TRIUMF business as set forth in item 1 above, and other than in item 2 above, overtime shall be granted to eligible employees as per Overtime Policy No. 9, for all hours that are required to travel or to travel and work in excess of the normal scheduled hours of work.

4. TRIUMF will reimburse expenses incurred by employees in travel situations in accordance with the Travel Expense Policy.


1. It is the responsibility of the Division Head to approve travel time as per this procedure.
2. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to process the travel time as per this procedure.