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Triumf Occupational Health & Safety


TRIUMF is committed to providing the means to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. To this end, a comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Program will be established, supported, maintained and integrated with other operational activities undertaken to achieve organizational excellence. The management and staff at TRIUMF will endeavour to correct unsafe conditions and practices, and maintain a cooperative interest in the safety and health of themselves and their fellow workers by carrying out their respective delegated responsibilities. (Please refer to TRIUMF Safety Note 1.0. for specific details on TRIUMF's policy on safety in the workplace.)


The OSH Program shall include:

a) the establishment and maintenance of the following functional safety groups and, or, committees: 1) TRIUMF Safety Group (TSG); 2) Safety / Divisional Management Committee; 3) TRIUMF Accident Prevention Committee (TAPC)

b) the development of procedures or systems to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations issued by the Workers Compensation Control Board and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

c) instruction and supervision of employees in the safe performance of their work.

d) first aid services and required equipment.

e) coordination and monitoring of safety and health activities of contractors and visitors.

f) development, maintenance and training in emergency evacuation procedures.

g) the holding of periodic management meetings to review safety and health activities, accident trends and developments.

h) the prompt investigation of accidents, and the development and implementation of a corrective action plan.

i) the maintenance of records and statistics including first aid, safety inspections and accident investigations.

j) timely communication of policy, objectives, studies and reports.

k) an annual review of its effectiveness.


It is the responsibility of all workers at TRIUMF to abide by the policies and procedures adopted by TRIUMF management to ensure safety in the work environment. Specific responsibilities in addition to those generally outlined below are set out in TRIUMF Safety Note No.1.0.:


Senior Management are accountable for the organization's and operating division's compliance to applicable legislation and regulations, and for the support and maintenance of the OSH Program. It is also the responsibility of management to demonstrate by example TRIUMF's commitment to safety, and to support and ensure the leadership training of supervisory staff in OSH matters.


Supervisor's are delegated the responsibility for OSH for work done within their jurisdiction. Each supervisor shall be responsible for: ensuring each employee is trained/instructed in the safe performance of his/her duties; enforcement of standard and safe operating procedures; the provision of work procedure instruction and protective personal equipment; setting a good example so as to encourage cooperation with the OSH Program; and compliance with all safety regulations.

Employees, Workers, Visitors

Employees are responsible for their own safety in the workplace, and the safety of their co-workers. Each employee is responsible for following established protocols; for wearing protective clothing or equipment; for reporting (without fear of reprisal), imminent hazards, unsafe working conditions or practices to the immediate supervisor; and for reporting accidents or injuries to the supervisor and First Aid Attendant.

Safety Groups and Committees

The safety groups and committees identified in section a) above have explicitly defined responsibilities which are outlined in the TRIUMF Safety Note No. 1.0.