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Internal Transfer of Radioactive Materials

Radioactive material produced at TRIUMF or MDS Nordion is, on occasion, transferred internally to be used by other groups. TRIUMF requires that a Radioactive Material Order/Receive Permit be obtained before such transfers take place. The same permit is required when radioactive material is brought on to the TRIUMF site from other institutions. Note that a SAR must be submitted together with the application to the Head of the Science Division before a permit can be issued. The SAR must address the following:

  • The quantity, species and physical and chemical form.
  • Any special handling/labelling requirements during use.
  • Provision for storage when not in use.
  • Ultimate disposal once no longer required.

The procedures are designed to comply with the Canadian Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations and all TRIUMF Operating Licence conditions. They ensure that all relevant safety issues are addressed and that there is no uncontrolled proliferation of radioactive material at TRIUMF.


Note: All procurement, disposal or transfers of radioactive materials (including calibration sources and radioactive waste) must be coordinated through the Radioactive Materials Coordinator.


Note: All internal transfers of radioactive material must be registered in the TRIUMF radioactive materials inventory.