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Site Tour

The IPRC will tour TRIUMF after lunch on the first day of the site visit (Wednesday, 15 November 2013). This page provides an overview of the tour ogranization.

The nine-member committee will be divided into two groups that will take the same tour but start in different locations.  Each tour group will be accompanied by three "shepherds."  The tour route invludes seven formal "stops" where the group will meet an expert with a supporting cast to learn more about the facility. 

Tour Group 1
will start at VECC Test Area.

Tour Group 1 Map

Aronson, Jurisson, Bawa,
Montgomery (+ Hart)


Tour Group 2
will start at the Meson Hall loading bay.

Tour Group 2 Map

McGreevy, Jones, Aysto,
Tigner, Nolen


Tour Route

  1. From Badge Room entrance, walk through RIB Hall at north end of ARIEL building to enter ISAC-II.  Enter Accelerator Vault off lobby and reach VECC Test Area (Stop 1).
  2. Walk along ISAC-II superconducting linac and exit the Vault into ISAC-II Experimental Hall.  Walk around EMMA and reach TIGRESS (Stop 2).
  3. Walk around HERACLES and along south wall of ISAC-II Hall and head upstairs.  Reach ATLAS Tier-1 Data Centre (Stop 3).
  4. Cross from ISAC-II into ISAC-I at mezzanine level.  Reach DRAGON overlook and walk toward TITAN (Stop 4).
  5. Descend ISAC-I mezzanine by TRILIS and then walk past 8pi and OLIS to exit ISAC-I Experimental Hall.  Cross to Meson Hall and enter at Loading Bay. Walk past helium liquefaction facility and reach M20 overlook (Stop 5).
  6. Descend short staircase, walk around Detector Clean Room, and enter Detector Lab area.  Exit back door and take elevator downstairs.  Reach MHESA nuclear-medicine labs (Stop 6).
  7. Return to the elevator and exit at ground level. Walk outside past M15 and enter the Cyclotron Building by the Main Control Room.  Take stairs down to B1 level and reach the Electron Hall (Stop 7).
  8. Exit the Electron Hall through dog leg, walk down beam tunnel, walk into ARIEL Target Hall, and exit at the surface.  Return to area under the Main Office Building Auditorium. 


Lead Expert(s) for each Tour Stop

  1. VECC Test Area: Philipp Kolb & Bob Laxdal
  2. ISAC-II / TIGRESS: Carl Svensson
  3. ATLAS Tier-1 Data Centre: Isabel Trigger & Reda Tafirout
  4. ISAC-I: Annika Lennarz & Barry Davids
  5. Meson Hall / M20: Gerald Morris
  6. MHESA Basement: Mike Adam & Hua Yang
  7. Electron Hall / E-linac: Shane Koscielniak & Lia Merminga

Tour Group Shepherds

Group 1:

  • Anadi Canepa (TRIUMF)
  • Naomi Galinski (SFU, Ph.D. student)
  • Mustafa Rajabali (TRIUMF)

Group 2:

  • Oliver Stelzer-Chilton (TRIUMF and UBC (adj.))
  • Adam Garnsworthy (TRIUMF)
  • Nikita Bernier (Laval, Ph.D. student)