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MIS Applications - Automatic Notifications

TRIUMF MIS applications send automatic notifications for various purposes.  To assist you in verifying whether a message you have received actually is legitimate, these notifications are documented here, and the emailed notification contains a link to this page.

Note that this list is not yet complete, and not all notifications contain a link to this page.

  • If you receive a notification that DOES have a link to this page, but there is no corresponding documentation of that notification below, then the notification is NOT legitimate.
  • If you receive a notification that DOES NOT have a link to this page, then it may still be legitimate.  Please contact if you have any concerns.

TRIUMF Administration - Human Resources and Dosimetry

Subject: New Human Resources photo available for your web profile


Purpose: This email notification is sent whenever the TRIUMF Human Resources department uploads or replaces your photograph in the HR database.  This photo is shown on your record in the Administration application on HR, Accounting, Supervisor Tools, and Dosimetry pages, all of which require an authorized login.

No action is required when you receive this email.  However, it does contain a link to the TRIUMF Identity Management application (  This link allows you to log in and view the newly-uploaded image, and also to choose whether you wish to use that photo for your own web profile as well.