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October 2015

We bid farewell to Christoph Schmid who departed our group this month.  Christoph deviated away from his project and instead took over the majority of tasks needed to run our laser group.  Christoph helped prepare the experimental set up for the measurements on neutron-deficient gallium isotopes and performed data analysis, helping the interpretation of the physics results and understanding the systematic behaviour of our equipment.

10 August 2015

With the summer days quickly passing we bid farewell to our McGill Summer Student, Etienne Bolduc and welcome in Christoph Schmid from Germany.  Etienne worked on designing a temperature controlled etalon for a high stability laser lock.  Christoph will continue this project and look into behavioural effects of laser light under frequency and intensity modulation.

8 April 2015

The beginning of spring has been welcomed in the laser group with publications relating to two recent experimental campaigns.  The first describes the work looking into the presence of an isomer in an exotic neutron-rich rubidium isotope ( and the second discusses new information measured on exotic neautron-deficient isotopes of francium (  

21 March 2015

Today UBC students Timothy Branch and Dickson Yao presented a poster at the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) on some experimental work done at TRIUMF.  Supervised by Dr Thomas Procter, the pair learnt about laser spectroscopy and the groups latest project towards improving the experimental efficiency.  They took this information along with experimental data and presented it at a level which fellow undergradudate students could understand.

30 January 2015

The group would like to mark the start the new year by acknowledging the achievements of former student Martina Ojeda.  Since returning to McGill at the end of last summer, Martina has presented the work relating to her project with a presentation at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) and a poster at the APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP).  Congratulations!

26 November 2014

As part of a science module, a group of science students from UBC made a blog on part of the work done by the laser spectroscopy group here at TRIUMF.  The aim of the blog was to make the nuclear physics cases investigated by the group more accessible to the public.  A link to the page can be found here, which includes a video and podcast explaining the project.

26 September 2014

The group bids farewell to students Martina Ojeda and Fabian Mooshammer who were part of the group during the summer.  They worked on a Doppler free rubidium cell setup, which will be used in the future for laser lock stabilisation, as well as assisting the group during the recent experiments.  We wish them the best of luck for their future studies.

29 August 2014

Congratulations to Allen Leary who successfully completed his masters project with us.  Allen spent a year with the laser spectroscopy group building a laser locking program.  We wish him the best of lock in his commencing Biophysics PhD at McGill University.

28 July 2014

The laser spectroscopy group was well represented at the 2014 Nuclear Structure conference held on the UBC campus in Vancouver.  Annika Voss, a collaborating Postdoc from the University of Jyväskylä, gave a presentation on the "Evolution of Ground State Properties in Neutron-Deficient Francium Isotopes".

06 June 2014

Thomas Procter, a PostDoc in the laser spectroscopy group, presented the groups work on the rubidium isotopes at the Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science (ARIS) conference.  His poster was titled "Experimental Measurement of an Isomeric State in 98Rb and Changes in Mean-Square Charge Radii of the Rubidium Isotope Chain".

07 February 2014

Walaa Al Tamimi, a PhD student in the laser spectroscopy group, will be presenting her work on the rubidium experimental campaign at the Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics 2014 conference.  The WNPPC2014 takes place between the 13th and 16th of February and will be held in Banff, AB.  A link to the conference can be found here.

05 December 2013

The group has recently had its development work on laser spectroscopy techniques acknowledged in a TRIUMF Research Highlight.  A link to the article can be found here.