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Beam delivery update 30 October 2012

Cyclotron beam development is underway and will continue overnight…

Beam delivery update 29 October 2012

The cyclotron's delivering ~115 µA to BL1A, 40 µA to BL2A2, and ~50 µA to BL2C4. Cyclotron beam development is planned for tomorrow…

Beam delivery update 26 October 2012

The cyclotron is currently delivering ~115 µA to BL1A and 40 µA to BL2A2. Also: Movember

Beam delivery update 25 October 2012

BL1A is currently running at ~100 µA, with BL2A2 at 40 µA and BL2C1 taking nA as needed

Beam delivery update 24 October 2012

The BL1A tunnel has been secured and is ready for beam…

BD updates by e-mail 24 October 2012

Beam delivery updates are also available by e-mail…

Beam delivery update 23 October 2012

Maintenance day is over and the cyclotron is currently delivering 40 µA to BL2A2 and nA as needed to BL2C1 for PIF…

Beam delivery update 18 October 2012

RIB development and yield measurements are underway at ISAC…

Beam delivery update 17 October 2012

Right now, the cyclotron is delivering 40 µA to BL2A2 and ~45 µA to BL2C4…


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