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Entrepreneurship. What is it?  Wikipedia says that entrepreneurship is the act of "undertaking innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods."  Normally, we look at a linear process of imagination (bluesky creativity), invention (a new product or idea in reality), innovation (connecting that idea with the contemporary network of businesses, tehcnologies, and commerce), and then entrepreneurship (launching an initiative to literally make money using the idea). 

TRIUMF’s mission statement articulates the aim to transfer the knowledge and discoveries at the laboratory to create social and economic growth for the benefit of all Canadians. With this responsibility as a key element to TRIUMF’s publicy-funded mandate, TRIUMF and AAPS (Advanced Applied Physics Solutions, Inc.) have come together to develop a culture of entrepreneuship at TRIUMF --- the entrepreneurship@TRIUMF initiative.

The objective is to provide the resources and training that will empower and enable the TRIUMF community to harness their imaginations while advancing the Canadian economy.  A key feature of the initiative is connecting the TRIUMF community to the larger, burgeoning "ecosystem" of entrepreneurship in Vancouver, BC, and Canada.



Over the past four decades since its founding, TRIUMF has had some key successess with entrepreneurial activity and industrial partnerships:

A key goal of entrepreneurship@TRIUMF is to expand this list!



This program is a campus wide initiative led by the Sauder School of Business, the Faculty of Applied Science, the Faculty of Science and the University Industry Liaison Office; and supported by the Faculty of Arts and all the student entrepreneurship clubs on campus.

Entrepreneurship@UBC offers various forms of support to any individual who plans to build his own business. With UBC’s strong alumni network and its relationships with the business communities in Vancouver and the Okanagan, the program is able to provide student entrepreneurs with mentorship, course work and unique opportunities for relationship building and learning.

For more information on entrepreneurship@UBC, visit:

Together with AAPS, TRIUMF will sponsor (at the 50% level) staff members who want to enroll and register in training opportunities in the e@UBC initiative.  Please contact or for more information.