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TRIUMF Technologies of Expertise

Being Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, TRIUMF has gained technological expertise in various areas of research and development. For any entrepreneurial project that requires mentorship in the following categories, TRIUMF will be an excellent resource.


Materials Science

TRIUMF's Centre for Molecular and Materials Science harnesses the power of particle probes to analyze the detailed micro- and nano-structure of materials and their magnetic character.  Using probes of muons and short-lived isotopes, TRIUMF can study::

  • Definitive measurements and tests of high-temperature superconductors
  • Physical, green, and materials design chemistry
  • Exotic magnetism, strongly correlated systems, and quantum phase transitions
  • Hydrogen materials interactions
  • Industrial basic research for automobile technology



Detector Development

If you are interested in measuring particle properties and trajectories, TRIUMF can help.

Scientific progress often emerges from advances in detector technology, such as: enhanced precision in kinematic properties; the rate at which particles may be detected, leading to improved statistical precision; and in reduced costs, resulting in larger systems with greater sensitivity to rare processes. TRIUMF’s detector group has established an international reputation for developing, designing and constructing state-of-the-art detectors, as well as developing new detector technologies.

Accelerator Physics

TRIUMF accelerators are the heart of the Canadian accelerator-based experimental subatomic physics program, both because they enable on-site world-class research in nuclear physics and because TRIUMF’s expertise allows Canada to make significant in-kind contributions to off-site international accelerator projects thus enabling participation in experiments at those facilities.



Irradiation Services

TRIUMF's accelerators provide beams of particles that can be used to probe materials to reveal their structure or bombard systems to examine their performance in elevated radiation environments. The space industry and certain segments of the high performance electronics sector are steady customers.

Isotope Production & Chemistry

TRIUMF's research program in nuclear medicine has developed core competencies in the production of isotopes using a variety of cyclotron and target technologies. TRIUMF also has expertise in the purification, processing, and chemical synthesis that attaches the isotopes to biologically relevant molecules for medical imaging or treatment. These capabilities are regularly in demand by the private sector.


Technical Consulting

TRIUMF's capabilities in physics, engineering, and design are often tapped in the form of short-term technical consulting arrangements. TRIUMF staff might contribute to trouble-shooting a private company's product line or provide advice in developing needed high-tech infrastructure.