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5YP Planning Process

Development of the TRIUMF 5YP 2015-2020 involves the entire Canadian community as well as selected international perspectives.  The planning process provides community input, prioritization, and review before the final proposal is transmitted for consideration by the relevant governments and agencies (federal, provincial).

Formally speaking, the 5YP Plan is transmitted to the Government of Canada by the TRIUMF director on behalf of the TRIUMF Board of Management, the consortium of universities that own and operate TRIUMF for the betterment of Canada.  The detailed process of consultation, formulation, consideration, and decision is outlined below.

It is expected that Industry Canada, working with National Research Council Canada, will issue a recommendation for the Government of Canada budget process. The Minister of Finance might then announce the final level of support as part of Federal Budget 2015.

Gathering Input

  • TRIUMF community provides input to the 5YP 2015-2020 through special sessions at the Canadian Association of Physicists Annual Congress (June 2012), the TRIUMF Users Group Annual General Meeting (Summer 2012), and so on.
  • The TRIUMF director appoints a Five-Year Plan Steering Committee (5YPSC) to oversee the process of preparing the 5YP and to provide him/her with the consensus view of TRIUMF and community for the next five-year strategic plan.  The 5YPSC includes senior scientists from TRIUMF and distinguished colleagues from the Canadian community; it is chaired by TRIUMF's Head of Strategic Planning and Communication.  The TRIUMF director is an ex officio member of the 5YPSC.

Initial Consultation

  • The Canadian community is solicited for engagement via the Annual Congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists (Summer 2012), e-mail interactions with the TRIUMF Users' Group and the associated Experimental Evaluation Groups, and so on.
  • The 5YPSC works with the TRIUMF Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) to gather input from all potential stakeholders concerning potential engagement of TRIUMF resources.  Responding to a set of criteria and instructions from the TRIUMF Director, PPAC reviews and prepares a set of "high-priority" activities for consideration in building the TRIUMF 5YP (Autumn 2012).
  • The 5YPSC develops an outline for the 5YP Report that will present TRIUMF's accomplishments over the past five years and a strategic plan for the next five-years (Dec 2012).

Plan Preparation

  • The 5YPSC considers PPAC's advice and works with project proponents to develop resource-loaded schedules and an overall strategic framework. The committee also works with the community to document recent performance and accomplishments. (Jan-Feb 2013).
  • A draft strategic plan, resource requirements, deliverables, and projected overall impact is prepared by the 5YPSC in consultation with the TRIUMF director and the TRIUMF Chief Financial Officer along with the TRIUMF Division Heads (Mar 2013).

Review & Consideration

  • The TRIUMF director works with the 5YPSC to prepare a preliminary full draft of the 5YP.
  • The TRIUMF Board reviews, comments, and provides preliminary approval of the 5YP at its spring meeting (Apr 2013).
  • The draft 5YP (including accomplishments, resources, and promised deliverables) is reviewed by an informal panel of international experts selected by the TRIUMF director to form a "red-team review" (Apr 2013).
  • With advice from the "red-team review" and the TRIUMF director, the 5YPSC prepares the final proposal for the 5YP using realistic resource constraints and priorities (May-Jun 2013). 
  • The revised 5YP is presented to the Advisory Committee on TRIUMF (ACOT), the community (via the TRIUMF Users Group and the Annual Congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists) for comment (Jun 2013).

Finalization & Publication

  • With final advice from the above, the 5YPSC prepares the penultimate draft of the 5YP for submission to the TRIUMF director (summer 2013). 
  • With feedback, corrections, and approval from the TRIUMF director, the Five-Year Plan is edited and finalized (Aug 2013).
  • The Plan is published as a stand-alone document (Sep 2013). 

Government Review & Consideration

  • National Research Council Canada receives the 5YP (circa Autumn 2013) and convenes an international peer review committee (IPRC) to analyze TRIUMF's recent performance and proposed future activities (Nov 2013).
  • The IPRC will consider the 5YP document alongside other reviews, documents, data, and metrics to provide advice to NRC Council.  In 2013/14, additional documentation will include a multi-modal evaluation of TRIUMF (overseen by the Office of Audit and Evaluation at NRC), an independent bibilometric study, an independent Return on Investment study of TRIUMF's past performance, and an analysis of TRIUMF's personnel.

Government Decision & Implementation

  • NRC will likely engage  its internal and external expert groups to examine the 5YP and other review documents (Jan-Apr 2014).
  • The Agency Committee on TRIUMF (ACT) may meet to discuss the TRIUMF 5YP budget request and place it in context.  The committee is chaired by the NRC President and includes the head of NSERC and the Deputy Minister, Industry Canada; the heads of CFI and CIHR are invited.
  • The funding level for TRIUMF is announced in Federal Budget 2015.
  • The TRIUMF director prepares an implementation plan using the strategic plan and the approved level of funding (Feb-Mar 2015).
  • The TRIUMF Board formally approves the five-year strategy and the implementation plan (Mar 2015).
  • The TRIUMF consortium signs off on the Government of Canada's Contribution Agreement for core operations of TRIUMF. (These last two steps may occur simulataneously.)