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Report Preparation

The Five-Year Plan 2015-2020 will be presented in the form of a written report. The report will include a stand-alone Executive Summary as well as a stand-alone Overview that summarizes the relevance, performance, and proposed future program. The written report will be completed in time for the International Peer Review, tentatively scheduled for Autumn 2013.

Final Report

The manuscript was submitted for design, layout, and proofreading on 19 Aug 2013.  The page proofs were signed off on 18 Sep 2013.


The schedule below shows the process for assembling the written plan.  Key milestones/checkpoints are highlighted in bold.

Nov 13-15, 2013International Peer Review (IPR) site visit
Oct 2Final Report available online
Sep 25
Report distributed to IPR Committee (electronic + print)
Aug 19
Report sent to publishers; detailed planning/agenda for IPR begins
Aug 9Invited-comment period closes; final editing begins
Aug 1
Report text finalized; invited-comment period opens
Jun 15
Report modified & edited based on feedback and TRIUMF director guidance
May 15-31Community consultations: ACOT (May 31); CAP Congress (May 27); TUG, IPP, CINP, ...
Apr 30Red-team review of 5YP (including draft text, budget)
Apr 19
Board discussion of proposed 5YP (including vision, budget)
Apr 15Writing assignments for Chapter 6 made
Apr 105YPSC scenarios planning workshop
Late Mar5YPSC workshop to assemble first draft of vision, budget
Mar 15Chapters 4,5 complete in draft form
Feb 15, 2013Writing assignments due, editing begins
Dec 20, 2012Writing assignments for Chapter 4, 5 issued