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MIS Applications - Technical Details

JavaEE 6 Applications

JavaEE 6 is the primary application technology for current MIS development, and has already been used for the following applications:

  • Identity Management
  • Science Division Experiments Management
  • Work Request
  • Human Resources Information System
  • Conference and Events Registration

These applications run on Linux-based Glassfish application servers, and use both IceFaces and PrimeFaces component suites.  Integration between these applications, the Agresso ERP, and the Drupal web site are implemented using web services (both SOAP and RESTful).

To support the application development process, the following are used:

  • NetBeans - desktop IDE
  • Atlassian Jira - for issue and project tracking
  • Apache Maven - for project build management
  • Jenkins - for continuous integration services
  • Mercurial - for revision control

IBM i Applications

The IBM i (often known as AS/400) runs legacy applications, including the following:

  • Finance1
  • Project Budgeting and Accounting1
  • Payroll Projection and Reconciliation2,3
  • Procurement1
  • Stores and Inventory Control1
  • Cost-Centres2,4
  • Timesheets5

Host-based interactive and batch applications are written in ILE RPG (with embedded SQL).  Web-based interfaces are written in the IBM Net.Data scripting language.

To support the application development process the following are used:

  • Rational Developer for i (RDi) - an Eclipse-based IDE
  • ARCAD - for application lifecycle management (integrated with RDi)
  • Various SQL-based tools (Navigator for i, DB2 Web Query, IBM Access for i) are used for both ad-hoc and scripted reporting.

Some of these legacy applications are in the process of being transferred, in whole or in part, to the Agresso ERP (noted by 1 above).  The short term plan for the remaining applications is to keep them functioning and integrated with Agresso (noted by 2).  The longer term plan is to modernize them by re-implementing in our JavaEE environment (3 - to be added to HRIS application; 4 - to be added to Work Request application; 5 - new application).

PHP applications

Some small applications are written in PHP, primarily to add capabilities to the main public/intranet web server.  These applications include:

  • Site announcements
  • Room and Meeting Bookings
  • Seminar Scheduling and Notifications
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Student Employment Opportunities

These applications will continue to run in PHP 'as-is'.  As time permits, if enhancements are required, it is likely that they will be re-implemented as JavaEE 6.