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Speakers and Presenters

Akira Konaka
Research Scientist, Particle Physics

Dr. Akira Konaka is the group leader of the Particle Physics group at TRIUMF and an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria. He is the leader of the T2K-Canada collaboration and leader of the Ultra-Cold Neutron Facility (UCN) project at TRIUMF. In September 2013, he joined Osaka University as an Invited Professor, an opportunity that will serve to further strengthen TRIUMF's ties with Osaka University and Japan. 

Rob McPherson
Professor, Particle Physics

Dr. Rob McPherson is the ATLAS-Canada spokesperson and is a professor at the University of Victoria and an Institute of Particle Physics research scientist. He completed his Bachelor’s in Applied Science with Honours in Engineering Physics at UBC and his Ph.D. in particle physics at Princeton University. He has held numerous leadership positions in international experiments, particularly in the OPAL collaboration as the overall physics coordinator and in the ATLAS collaboration at the CERN LHC as an executive board member. He is the Canadian National Contact Physicist to CERN. Together with students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty collaborators, Dr. McPherson was critical to the observation of the Higgs boson.

Makoto Fujiwara
Research Scientist, Particle Physics

Dr. Makoto Fujiwara became involved with TRIUMF while completing his Ph.D. in muon physics at UBC. Since then, he has been a key collaborator in antihydrogen studies and is the leader of the ALPHA-Canada Collaboration, having completed a post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Tokyo/RIKEN at CERN. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at the University of Calgary and at Green College at UBC.  Dr. Fujiwara shared the 2011 John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research by the American Physical Society for his work demonstrating the trapping of antihydrogen.

Patrick de Perio
Graduate Student, Particle Physics

Mr. Patrick de Perio is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto Department of Physics. He is part of the T2K and Super-Kamiokande collaborations, specializing in detector development and software for understanding neutrino interactions and oscillations. He currently holds a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship–an honour reserved for world-class doctoral students.

Ruediger Picker
Research Scientist, Particle Physics

Dr. Ruediger Picker came to TRIUMF as a key collaborator on the upcoming Ultra-Cold Neutron Facility, having been project leader for PENeLOPE at the Technical University of Munchen, Germany. He developed the design for the PENeLOPE multi-solenoid superconducting magnet, optimized it for technical feasibility and did physics simulations of the particles in the trap. He also conducted neutron storage experiments at the Institute Laue-Langevin, Grenoble to investigate the behavior of neutron absorbers at cryogenic temperatures.

Gerald Morris
Deputy Manager, Centre for Molecular and Materials Science

Dr. Gerald Morris is the deputy manager of the Centre for Molecular and Materials Science. He serves to assist in the technical and developmental aspects of the beta-NMR/beta-NQR facilities in ISAC-I, as well as in the coordination of developing secondary muon beam lines and associated spectrometers.

Iain McKenzie
Facility Scientist, Centre for Molecular and Materials Science

Dr. Iain McKenzie is a facility scientist with the Centre for Molecular and Materials Science. His primary research interest is the area of molecular and non-organic chemistry. He is currently a research associate with the Department of Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, where he completed his Ph.D. in 2004.

Sarah Dunsiger
Research Scientist, Materials Science

Dr. Sarah Dunsiger is a condensed matter physicist, originally from McMaster University.  She is an expert in muon spin resonance and neutron scattering, taking up a research position at the Technical University Munich in 2007.

Graeme Luke
Professor, Materials Science

Dr. Graeme Luke is the lead of the Luke group for condensed matter experiments at McMaster University. His primary research focus is on understanding the physical properties of quantum materials such as superconductors and magnets, frequenting TRIUMF’s CMMS to conduct his research.

W. Andrew MacFarlane
Professor, UBC

Dr. Andrew MacFarlane is a research scientist at the Centre for Molecular and Materials Science specializing in electronic and magnetic properties of crystalline solids, especially strongly correlated materials such as the cuprate high temperature superconductors. He is an Associate Professor at the UBC Department of Chemistry.

Cornelia Hoehr
Research Scientist, Proton Therapy

Dr. Cornelia Hoehr is a research scientist and Proton Therapy coordinator at TRIUMF and Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria.  Dr. Hoehr completed her Ph.D. in Physics at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet and MPI-K in Heidelberg in 2004. Since joining TRIUMF, her primary focus has been in the development of targetry and diagnostics for small medical cyclotrons, and to advance understandings of nuclear physics processes in proton therapy for ocular melanomas.

Ken Buckley
Project Manager, Nuclear Medicine

Mr. Ken Buckley is the project manager and technical lead (Targetry) for the TRIUMF-led collaboration to develop cyclotron-based production of technetium-99m for use in medicine. He is also the project manager for a collaboration with the BC Cancer Agency in the production of radiometals for the development of novel radiotracers.

Vesna Sossi
Professor of Physics, Astronomy/Nuclear Medicine, UBC

Dr. Vesna Sossi is a research scientist at TRIUMF and Director of the UBC Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging group. The primary focus of her work is on the development of algorithms for quantification and reconstruction of data acquired in 3D mode.

Jason Crawford
Graduate Student, Nuclear Medicine

Jason Crawford is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Victoria completing a thesis on the dosimetry of Astatine-211 for use in cancer treatments. Recently, he was involved in orchestrating a collaborative project to extract Astatine-209 from TRIUMF’s ISAC facility to evaluate its potential to be used as a theranostic isotope in conjunction with At-211, which is being investigated for its potential as a cancer therapy.

Thomas Planche
Cyclotron Physicist, Accelerators

Dr. Thomas Planche is a cyclotron physicist with the beam physics group at TRIUMF. His work focuses on beam delivery from the 520 MeV main cyclotron, as well as production of rare-isotope beams at ISAC.

Jens Lassen
Laser Ion Source Physicist, Accelerators

Dr. Jens Lassen is the group leader for laser applications at TRIUMF, and an adjunct professor at both the University of Manitoba and Simon Fraser University. His research is in laser ion source spectroscopy, having developed a resonant laser ion source at ISAC which is now delivering more than 50% of all ISAC rare-isotope beams.

Bob Laxdal
Deputy Division Head, SRF, Accelerators

Dr. Bob Laxdal is the Deputy Head of the Accelerator Division at TRIUMF. He began working at TRIUMF in 1980 after completion of his graduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan. He has had projects spanning every accelerator at TRIUMF, though his primary focus is on developing superconducting RF cavities for use in the ARIEL e-linac.

Anna Grassellino
Peoples Fellow, Accelerators

Dr. Anna Grassellino completed her Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of former TRIUMF Director, Dr. Nigel Lockyer, and current Deputy Head of the Accelerator Division, Dr. Bob Laxdal. Anna’s work focuses on superconducting RF cavities, such as those which will be used in ARIEL.

Marco Marchetto
ISAC High Energy Facility Coordinator, Accelerators

Marco Marchetto is the ISAC High Energy facility coordinator for TRIUMF. Much of his work involves operation and improvement of rare-isotope beams to ISAC-II for studies involving nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics.  

Jens Dilling
Research Scientist, Nuclear Physics

Dr. Jens Dilling is the Deputy Head of Science division and the group leader for the ISAC science program. He came to TRIUMF in 2001 after completing his Ph.D. in nuclear/atomic physics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.  He has been involved in many experiments concerning atom and ion trapping coupled to rare-ion beam facilities such as TISOL (TRIUMF), ISOLDE (CERN) and SHIP (GSI), and now ISAC.  He was invited to the 152nd Nobel Symposium to present results from his work at TITAN in 2012 and received the 2013 CAP Vogt Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Subatomic Physics.

Sonia Bacca
Research Scientist, Nuclear Theory

Dr. Sonia Bacca is a theoretical nuclear physicist at TRIUMF and Adjunct Professor at the University of Manitoba. She completed a joint Ph.D. in Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany and the University of Trento, Italy in 2005. Her research focuses on understanding few- and many-nucleon dynamics by developing ab initio theories capable to describe not only ground state properties of nuclei, but their reaction mechanisms as well.

Michael Tandecki
Postdoctoral Fellow, Nuclear Physics

Dr. Michael Tandecki is a post-doctoral research fellow with the Francium Trapping Facility at TRIUMF after completing his Ph.D. at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, in 2011. He is currently studying parity non-conservation in francium isotopes using a magneto-optical trap and laser/microwave spectroscopy.

Iris Dillmann
Research Scientist, Nuclear Physics

Dr. Iris Dillmann is a research scientist at TRIUMF, with a focus in beta-delayed neutron measurements for astrophysics, with special focus on neutron-branching ratio measurements with various techniques. She graduated from the University of Basel, Switzerland and took postdoc positions at the Research Center in Karlsruhe, Germany and the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Since 2010, she is heading the Helmholtz Young Investigators Group ("Lifetime Spectroscopy for Astrophysics", until June 2015) at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research and the University of Giessen, Germany.

Chris Ruiz
Research Scientist, Nuclear Physics

Dr. Chris Ruiz is the leader of the DRAGON group at TRIUMF, having completed his Ph.D .at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. His primary research is in nuclear astrophysics using DRAGON, though he enjoys contributing to workshops and public talks to expand interest and knowledge in astrophysics in Canada.

Rob Kiefl
Professor of Physics, UBC

Dr. Rob Kiefl is a long-time TRIUMF user, having completed both his Master's and Ph.D. at UBC. His primary research area is in condensed matter physics, particularly quantum materials and their interfaces, which he studies as the principal investigator at TRIUMF's Beta-NMR facility in ISAC-I. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a professor of physics at UBC. 

Shane Koscielniak
E-LINAC Project Leader, Accelerators

Dr. Shane Koscielniak came to TRIUMF after completing his doctoral degree in physics at Oxford University. He has extensive collaborative experience in Accelerator physics, including being a key player in TRIUMF’s contributions to the Proton Synchotron upgrades for the LHC project at CERN. Since 2008, his primary role at TRIUMF has been as the project manager for the building of the ARIEL electron linear accelerator. 

Phil Larabie
Vice President, Global Business Development, Nordion Inc.

Mr. Phil Larabie is the current Vice President of Global Business Development for Nordion, a world-leading health science company specializing in market-leading products used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nordion has had a close relationship with TRIUMF for over 35 years in the production of medical isotopes for the global medical market. Nordion maintains annual revenues of over $10 million from medical isotope production (total revenues of approximately $24 million), of which approximately 40% is cyclotron-produced. Nordion maintains an isotope-production plant in Vancouver, based at TRIUMF. More info on Nordion Inc. 

Ralf Edinger
President, PAVAC Industries, Inc.

Mr. Ralf Edinger is the president of PAVAC Industries Inc., an electron-beam welding company. PAVAC has doubled in size during the past five years partially driven by its work with TRIUMF.  PAVAC partnered with TRIUMF to deliver superconducting radio-frequency technology (SRF) for TRIUMF’s ISAC facility and is now working with TRIUMF on SRF technology for ARIEL facility.  More info on PAVAC Industries Inc.

Dan Gelbart
Co-Founder, IKOMED Technologies Inc.

Mr. Dan Gelbart is co-founder of IKOMED Technologies Inc.–a company developing technologies to reduce radiation exposure to personnel and patients in medical environments. Mr. Gelbart was twice awarded the BC Science Council gold medal, the Institute of Printing gold medal, honorary doctorates from SFU and UBC, and the Ernst & Young 1999 Entrepreneur of the Year award (with Amos Michelson). He was co-founder of CREO Products, Inc. one of BC’s biggest technology firms before it was acquired.  Read more on Mr. Gelbart/CREO in this Globe and Mail article. More info on IKOMED Technologies Inc.

Paul Young
Chair, TRIUMF Board of Management

Dr. Paul Young is currently Vice-President, Research and Innovation, at the University of Toronto. He has a Ph.D. in Geophysics and in the last 10 years, he has held the Keck Chair in Seismology and Rock Mechanics at the University of Toronto, the Chair of Earth Science at the University of Liverpool and has been President of the British Geophysical Association. He has been awarded many honours for his research and innovation, notably, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is also a Fellow of the AAAS and is a Chartered Engineer. He is on the Board of several organizations notably; Chair of The Fields Institute for Mathematics, MaRS Discovery District (an organization helping to build Canada’s next generation of growth companies), MaRS Innovation (Federal Government Centre of Excellence for Commercialization of Research) and Executive Committee of the Ontario Council of University Research –as well as the TRIUMF Board of Management.