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TRIUMF Science Week 2015


TRIUMF's Science Week will be held at TRIUMF from July 6th to 11th, 2015. It includes the 4th International ARIEL Science Workshop, the TRIUMF Users' Group Annual General Meeting, the EEC meetings for Molecular & Materials Science and Subatomic Physics, and a Public Lecture by Chris Jillings (SNOLAB) at Science World (Telus World of Science).

Register here for the Science Week events

Registration is closed (deadline was June 30th, 2015)

The registration cost for any or all of these events is $25, which includes the public lecture at Science World (Telus World of Science), including a reception, the coffee breaks during the AGM and ARIEL Science Workshop, and the BBQ at TRIUMF on Wednesday evening.


The Science Week Organizing Committee

Roderick Clark (co-chair ARIEL-SW)
Greg Hackman (co-chair ARIEL-SW)
Bernd Stelzer (chair TUG AGM)
Reiner Kruecken (Science Division Head)
Iris Dillmann (Organizing Committee TUG AGM and ARIEL-SW)
Gerald Gwinner (Organizing Committee ARIEL-SW)
Iain McKenzie (Organizing Committee ARIEL-SW)

A list of Science Week participants can be found here.



Registration Needed?

Mon, July 6th & Tue, July 7th

MMS-EEC (Agenda)No

Tue, July 7th at 19:00

Public Lecture by Chris Jillings, SNOLABYes

Tue, July 7th PM & Wed, July 8th AM

TUG AGM (Agenda)Yes

Wed, July 8th PM & Thu, July 9th

ARIEL Science Workshop (Agenda)Yes

Wed, July 8th


Fri, July 10th & Sat, July 11th

SAP-EEC (Agenda)No


Public Lecture by
Chris Jillings (SNOLAB)
at Science World, Telus World of Science

TRIUMF Users Group

Annual General Meeting

4th International

ARIEL Science Workshop

Date: Tue, July 7th

Time: 19:00

Location: Science World, Telus World of Science (participants of Science Week must indicate when they register that they want to participate in this event)

The public lecture will be live streamed and can be found here.

We are very pleased to announce that Chris Jillings, SNOLAB, will give a public lecture at Vancouvers' Science World at the Telus World of Science during TRIUMF's Science Week!

The SNOLAB International Underground Science Facility is situated 2 km underground in Vale-INCO’s Creighton Mine near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The science program spans from the low-energy solar to Supernova-produced neutrinos and measurements of the neutrinoless double-beta decay up to Cosmic Dark Matter searches.

Date: Tue, July 7th & Wed, July 8th

Time: 13:00 to 17:30 | 09:00 to 13:00

Location: TRIUMF Auditorium

The agenda can be found on Indico.

The TUG AGM will be live streamed, the link for the Tuesday live stream can be found here. The link for the Wednesday live stream can be found here.

The meeting will feature community-nominated science talks as well as a roundtable discussion with TRIUMF's senior management to better align & communicate needs, resources, and future plans.

In 2015 we will also have the *TUG Best Student Prize Competitions*. The four students who will compete for this title are

  • Alex Laffoley (University of Guelph): "High-Precision Half-Life Measurements for the Superallowed Fermi Beta- Emitters 14O and 18Ne"
  • Clay Lindsay (University of Victoria): "Reinventing the Wheel: Stepless 3D-Printed Modulators for Passive Beam Delivery in Proton Therapy"
  • Jacobus van Nieuwkoop (Simon Fraser University): "Evidence for Vector Boson Fusion Production of the Higgs Boson in  the WW* Channel with the ATLAS Experiment"
  • Douglas W. Storey (University of Victoria/ TRIUMF): "A superconducting RF deflecting cavity for the ARIEL e-Linac separator"

More details can be found here.

More information regarding the TRIUMF User Group (TUG) can be found on the TUG webpage.

Date: Wed, July 8th & Thu, July 9th

Time: 14:00 to 18:00 | 09:00 to 17:00

Location: TRIUMF Auditorium

The agenda can be found on Indico.

The scope of the fourth International ARIEL Science Workshop is: to inform the international scientific community of the capabilities of ARIEL and ISAC; to highlight technical progress made on various aspects of the project; to identify unique and world-leading scientific goals enabled by ARIEL and ISAC; and to identify facility upgrades needed to reach those goals. Special attention will be paid to experiments using fission products from ARIEL, experimental techniques, and upgrades to experimental end stations.

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Pavel Denisenkov (University of Victoria)
  • Stepan Dobrodey (MPI-K Heidelberg)
  • Shunji Nishimura (RIKEN)
  • Kumar Sharma (University of Manitoba)
  • Monika Stachura (TRIUMF/CERN)
  • Kathrin Wimmer (University of Tokyo)



Date: Wed, July 8th, 2015 after the ARIEL Science Workshop

Location: TRIUMF

Be sure to indicate if you are attending this BBQ when you register. If you would like to attend but did not indicate this on your registration, please email Niki Martin at to RSVP for the BBQ.

Important dates

TUG Student Prize Registration Deadline: April 2nd, 2015

Science Week Registration Deadline: June 30th, 2015



During Science Week, priority for booking rooms at TRIUMF House will be given to experimenters and EEC members. Only a small amount of rooms will be available for general participants of Science Week. You can be placed on the wait list and wait to see if rooms become available on short notice.

We recommend to book rooms in the on-campus alternatives. There are a variety of options from UBC Accommodations (including Gage Tower, West Coast Suites, Pacific Spirit Hostel, Marine Drive Residence), The Carey Centre, Green College, and St. John's College.

If you are tired of staying on campus, here are some B&B's in Kitsilano. However, summer is a busy time in Vancouver, so make sure to book early! Especially if you plan to come on the weekend before (July 4/5), be aware that Vancouver is hosting the Women's Soccer World Cup Final.

Parking Information

TRIUMF has a paid parking lot. The parking lot fee information can be found at

Travel information

Complete bus route and schedule information can be found online at

Getting to UBC from the airport:
Taxi: there are now flatrates for travel from the Vancouver airport to Vancouver, see here for more information. The fixed price to the UBC campus is $34, and takes about 20min (depending on traffic).

Public transport: From the Vancouver airport take the Skytrain and get off at "Broadway/ City Hall". The express bus #099 to "UBC" departs from across the street from the station and takes about 15-20 minutes.

Tickets are available at the ticket machines at the airport but include a $5 AddFare for inbound travel. To avoid this $5 extra costs (and if you want to explore downtown Vancouver during your stay), you can buy a FareSaver booklet (1 zone) with 10 tickets for $21, e.g. at the 7-Eleven shop in the airport. Then go to the machines at the Skytrain station and buy an AddFare ticket for $1.25 to upgrade your ticket from 1 zone to 2 zones. Note that on WEEKENDS this ticket upgrade to 2 zones is NOT NECESSARY and you can travel with your 1 zone ticket from the airport to Vancouver and vice versa.

Getting to TRIUMF

For those staying on the UBC campus, the easiest way to get to TRIUMF is to take the #041 bus "Joyce Station" to the south campus. There is a bus stop right outside of the lab ("TRIUMF Centre"). You can catch the #041 bus at any bus stop along Wesbrook Mall (heading south). Be sure to wave down the #041 bus since there are multiple buses on part of that route, and they tend to "skip" stops if no passenger is standing at the bus stop sign. And do not forget to "pull the string" to indicate that you want to get out at "TRIUMF center"...


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