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Artist in Residence Exhibit at Science World

14 April 2015

A Visual Arts studio course taught by Ingrid Koenig at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design was part of TRIUMF’s Artist in Residence program in Fall 2014. This interdisciplinary studio course, “Quantum Entanglements: Manifestations in Practice” uses science as a lens through which to view and speak about the current world and the invisible forces of the known universe, interacting with these perspectives in the context of art practice.

The class was visited by physicists at the beginning and end of term, and read and saw films that included work by Brian Greene, Leonard Krauss, Lisa Randall, Janna Levin, and Lee Smolin amongst other scientists, philosophers, and cultural theorists. The class visited TRIUMF for a full day, immmersed in the experimental halls and in conversation with researchers. Students investigated and experimented with conceptual and material transformations that arise from being inspired, informed and mystified by science such as the physics phenomena.

The narrative of science became contextualized in human experience, the abstract, embodied, misinterpreted, the complex resonance, construction of knowledge, play of metaphor, connectivity, uncertainty, energy transformation, entropy, chaos theory and particle behaviour.

A gallery exhibit shows a selection of final works and a sampling of experimental “response” studies. The exhibit is on show at Science World until mid June 2015.

Photo: Ensō Drawing by Heather Douglas, Emily Carr University. 

– Melissa Baluk, Communications Coordinator