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TRIUMF Statement on Chalk River Developments

News Release | For Immediate Release | December 12, 2007


In response to several media inquiries, the Director of TRIUMF has prepared the following statement as background.

  1. TRIUMF does not operate any nuclear reactors on its site. However, TRIUMF's particle accelerators are also regulated by the CNSC under a license. The license was last renewed in March 2007 and extends until 2012.
  2. MDS Nordion, Inc. markets and distributes medical isotopes worldwide. Some of its isotopes are produced at the AECL Chalk River nuclear reactor. Others are produced at the MDS Nordion accelerator facility in Vancouver on the TRIUMF site using TRIUMF technology.
  3. As a laboratory focused on basic research, TRIUMF itself does not produce a substantial volume of medical isotopes. However, the lab does produce several isotopes in arrangement with UBC Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, and the BC Cancer Agency.
  4. Generally speaking, different isotopes are produced at nuclear reactors and accelerator facilities, and they are not interchangeable. The closure of the Chalk River reactor-based facilities cannot be compensated for by increasing the isotope-production activities at TRIUMF or at the Vancouver branch of MDS Nordion.


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