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TRIUMF Announces New Director

News Release | For Immediate Release | December 05, 2006


After a year-long search, TRIUMF Board of Management Chair Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur announced that a new TRIUMF Director has been approved - "I am very pleased to announce that the TRIUMF Board of Management unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Nigel Lockyer as the next Director of TRIUMF. Dr. Lockyer comes to TRIUMF from the University of Pennsylvania where he is a Professor of Physics. He brings to TRIUMF a wealth of experience and knowledge along with strong management and interpersonal skills. He will assume the Directorship on May 1, 2007." Dr. Lockyer will replace Dr. Alan S. Shotter, who will be stepping down in the spring after 5 years as TRIUMF's Director.

Nigel Lockyer received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1975 from York University in Toronto, later receiving his Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1980. At the University of Pennsylvania since 1984, his research has focused on high-energy particle experiments with a keen interest in testing symmetries, and on the study of the heaviest quarks, with special emphasis on the bottom quark. His research has been conducted with the CDF experiment at the Fermi National Laboratory (FermiLab), located near Chicago. In recent years, his research has included experimental searches for hypothesized "supersymmetric" particles, as well as accelerator research aimed at the International Linear Collider. He also has interests in medical applications of physics, in particular positron emission tomography and proton cancer therapy, both of which are important parts of TRIUMF's applied program. Dr. Lockyer has served on many Canadian scientific review committees, including chairing the Grant Selection Committee of NSERC in 2003 and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation Review in 2006.

Commenting on his new appointment, Dr. Lockyer said "Canada has a small but excellent community of particle and nuclear physicists. TRIUMF is their national laboratory and I hope to continue the tradition of excellence that they have established. There are many exciting opportunities emerging in both particle and nuclear physics and TRIUMF needs to be amongst the leaders in the world if Canada is to be competitive globally in science and technology."


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